Why Social Trumps Search for Paid Inventory Shopper Traffic

It’s no secret I have never been a huge fan of PPC or Google Adwords. Don’t get me wrong, I feel they have their place but what I have typically struggled with is the lack of transparency in this area of digital marketing. Dealerships have blindly set budgets not even knowing the fees being charged by their vendor or the true results of the campaigns placed on their behalf.

After reading this post on the Moz blog, it just dumped fuel on my fire. I recently heard Gary Vaynerchuk call Google Adwords traditional advertising. I love that guy! He recently just shifted two million dollars from Google to Facebook. I am seeing dealerships start to make that same shift. Here’s why:

Facebook advertising has blown me away. I have never seen such amazing results at such a low cost. It absolutely has to be the most cost effective form of advertising available to us today. Highly targeted, data driven, relevant ads with clear calls to action driving high quality traffic directly to our clients’ websites for pennies compared to the $8 — $12 per click on Google. Even those lucky enough to be paying under $3 or $4 per click after all of the fees and percentages are still overpaying for quality traffic. Add to it that you can account for every penny spent through Facebook Insights and Google analytics by using pixels and UTM codes and it becomes a nobrainer.

It’s just like they say: everyone is on Google, everyone is on Facebook. Are you guys seeing the same types of results?

Originally published at www.automotivedigitalmarketing.com.

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