NIOX Liquidity Mining Campaign #4

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2 min readNov 23, 2020


We’re pleased to present to you our 4th Uniswap Liquidity Mining campaign. The rewards of the the last campaign will be distributed early this week.

Liquidity Mining Campaign — #4

To follow through with the fourth round of the campaign we have allocated a total of 400,000 NIOX tokens for all liquidity providers on NIOX/ETH based on their share of the pool, over a span of 4 weeks from 23rd November 1:00 PM GMT to 24th December 12:00 PM GMT.

What is liquidity mining?

Liquidity mining is a community-based, data-driven approach to market making, in which a token issuer or exchange can reward a pool of “miners” to provide liquidity for a specified token pair. You earn rewards by providing liquidity on exchanges or AMMs like Uniswap.

Reward distribution

A total of 400,000 NIOX have been allocated for this particular campaign that will last for 4 weeks. Mining reward amounts and rankings will be disclosed on telegram` at the end of the campaign period.

How can you participate?

  1. Participants must provide liquidity to the ETH/NIOX pool on Uniswap.
  2. After successfully contributing your crypto, liquidity providers will
    receive UNI-V2 pool tokens. These UNI-V2 tokens represent your share of the ETH/NIOX liquidity pool. The share of liquidity provided by the mining pool will be excluded from earning rewards.
  3. Our team will calculate the shares (UNI-V2 tokens) of ETH/NIOX liquidity pool in random snapshots for each day over the four-week period. Liquidity providers need to supply liquidity in the ETH/NIOX liquidity pool over a period of 24 hours.
  4. The rewards will be distributed based on the amount of UNI-V2 tokens from each address in the ETH/NIOX and liquidity pool.

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