How can designers start to play 🤔 with AI?

Next time you need to create a color palette, pick a font, draw some wireframes, find and crop a few pictures, write a text… would you and could you use an AI to help you?

How good are the tools available today and what’s to come for our profession?

Join the experiment ⚗️💥😂 on Autonomous.Design and get a better understanding of what design tools and apps are available today and where the development is heading.

We’ve set up a place 🏝🍹😎 to talk about new and emerging AI enabled tools and discuss the changing roles and workflows of designers and people in the creative industries. Let’s discover new ways of making products and creating design with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning!

Join us on the ride. It’s gonna be bumpy for sure, but just imagine the possibilities.

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