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Autonomy Capital & NFTrade


Autonomy Capital is thrilled to announce our investment in NFTtrade. NFTrade is a decentralized multi-chain and cross-chain NFT exchange, trading platform, creation hub, social media platform, NFT launchpad, and staking application.

NFTrade is building the ultimate NFT platform, one that is available on every popular native chain, with all the functionality of the entire NFT marketplace in a single application.


  • First mover advantage
  • Great team
  • Holistic approach, aggregating services and reducing friction
  • Multi chain — cross chain
  • Nft farming!!


NFTs are being considered as future of ownership by it’s users. All kinds of property — from event tickets to houses — could eventually have their ownership status tokenized in this manner.

The idea of having an ownership of digitally created content is estimated to drive the market. The main drivers for the growth now are, digital art mostly and play to earn blockchain games.

NFTs help the digital artists to attain ownership for their digital artwork. They can receive more income through NFTs, as they receive royalties each time the NFT is transacted after the initial sale. This is how intellectual property is made instantly efficient.

We believe blockchain will change the world (this has already begun) and NFTs are made possible by this tech. Previously, digital assets were largely worthless because they could be replicated and distributed, without anyone knowing what the “original” digital asset was, thereby rendering the original worthless. But with the blockchain we have immutable digital ledgers.

The direct economic impact of this for creators is huge. Never before so much friction was reduced.

This authentication lays the foundation for the NFT market to boom over the next decade. We’re not just talking digital art. We’re talking digital real estate. Digital toys. Digital trading cards. Digital assets in general.

The investment opportunity, of course, is that the digital asset market today is a fraction of a fraction of the size of the physical asset market.

Nfts market volume first half of 2021 was around 2.5 bill. To have an idea, the global collectibles market — including physical trading cards, games, toys, cars, and more — is about a $370 BILLION market.

Let’s take a step back and ask ourselves, how much of this market will be filled? Obviously nobody knows but what we do know is that the infrastructure needs to exist. That’s where NFTrade comes in.

NFTrade’s objective is to capitalize on this huge trend bringing real innovation to the metaverse.


NFTrade will have the potential to gain relevant market share because of its global approach . They will offer:

  • Multi-chain and cross-chain NFT exchange
  • Escrowed peer-to-peer trading
  • One click multi-chain NFT creation and integration
  • NFT launchpad
  • NFT-based social features
  • NFT farming

That’s a lot to digest but the tl:dr version of it is a very interesting mix of what blockchain and crypto made possible in the last several years concentrated in one solution. There is Defi, there are nfts, and there is the vision of a multi chain future. We like it.

With NFTrade you will be able to put your idle tokens from your favorite projects to work, staking them on our NFT farm to earn exclusive collectible and utility-based NFTs. You will get more value from your tokens through NFT farming.

Both project developers and communities benefit from NFT farming, as the community can earn tangible rewards, and projects get to lock up liquidity off the secondary market while rewarding their users without further diluting their token supply (which is the case with traditional staking).


The $NFT token is the native token of the NFTrade platform, serving various roles in governance and utility.

$NFT will act as the governance mechanism of the NFTrade platform, allowing stakeholders to have direct say in the future decision-making, power, and direction of the platform.

$NFT will also provide holders with a discount on platform fees, as well as the ability to be used for staking, offering the opportunity for holders to earn exclusive NFTs and an APY in a passive manner.


NFTrade is the #1 NFT marketplace on Avalanche and #2 on Polygon (only behind OpenSea) by daily/weekly/monthly users and trading volume and is now live on 4 main nets (Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain), with a fifth network (Solana) getting prepared for integration. In the last few days it reached a record of 10,000 unique visitors and 120,000 visits in 24 hours. The team is over delivering on the very ambitious roadmap and we believe there is a high probability that a new market leading platform has been in the making.

About Autonomy Capital

Autonomy Capital is a self-funded VC that aims to not only provide early round financial support to projects but also to actively provide guidance through networking, marketing strategy, community management, and exchange listings.


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