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4th Launchpad — YuklaSwap

DEFI platform with a focus on GameFi

Hi Sharkies, it has been a while since we had any major announcements. The team apologizes for the lack of major developments because we were spending time thinking about what would be best to grow the value of our tokens, while focusing on some big-ticket items. In the meantime, we have decided to shore up demand for our native tokens by focusing on becoming a launchpad platform for projects, and we aim to have multiple launchpads monthly!

Reasons being:

  1. Launchpads help provide use cases for FINS
  2. It creates exposure with other communities
  3. It gains our platform userbase and through it, TVL and trading volume

How will launching YuklaSwap benefit AutoShark?

  1. $300,000 USD of FINS will be burnt during the launchpad
  2. 0.03% of their trading fees will be used to buyback FINS to be burnt
  3. 20% of all revenue from their platform will be used to buyback FINS and burn
  4. $100,000 USD in YUKLA will be sent to AutoShark to form a stake FINS > earn YUKLA pool over 60 days

About YuklaSwap — DEFI platform with focus on GameFi

YuklaSwap is a DEFI space where their users can earn high income while providing liquidity to their DEX / staking crypto-assets in our pools / participating in their geyser pools / playing 3D games on their gaming platform / earning special crafted NFTs.

At YuklaSwap they believe in the future organic growth of Binance Smart Chain and other chains like Polygon or Solana. This is why their main goal is to provide their users all the benefits from this growth by expanding their pools, partnerships and integrating community-decided chains in their ecosystem.

At the same time, while users continue farming passive income in their pools and farms, there will be a bunch of games, where the users’ skill will define the winner and not luck. Their first game will be a Unity 3D first-person shooter, similar to Fortnite, where users will have to differ other players from NPCs to win. Successful players will gain special crafted NFTs and game fees.

Game Mock-Up:

Launchpad Details

  • 22nd January 2022, 4pm UTC (12 hours sale)
  • Commit FINS/BNB LP
  • Overflow Method
  • Hardcap: $600,000 USD
  • Price of tokens: $0.25 USD per YUKLA
  • Token tokens for sale: 2,400,000 Tokens

40% of the BNB funds raised will be used to create YUKLA/BNB (FINS) LPs locked on AutoShark.



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