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Atlantis Protocol: A successful launch

and what’s next for $ATLAS!

Hello Sharks,

It has been a busiest yet fulfilling past week for all of us here at AutoShark, be it the community managers, the devs, and even all you awesome sharks! The launch of the Atlantis Protocol was met with huge fanfare, raising a total of ~$13.5 million USD out of $2 million USD, a whopping ~7x oversubscription. This speaks to the great faith that the DEFI community at large has in AutoShark’s choice of launchpads.

It has been a week since the launch of the Atlantis Protocol, and this is currently where it stands:

  • An increase in treasury holdings to a total of $5.5mil USD
  • A 300% increase in price from launchpad
  • Implementation of automatic BOND -> STAKE
  • Pioneering of fixed deposit plans to promote (3,3) where we all win bigger together

What this means

Today, the intrinsic value of each token is $1 each and is fully backed by the treasury. Should there be a potential bank run situation, where everyone withdraws their ATLAS and sells it < $1, the treasury’s reserves will be activated to buy back and burn ATLAS, to bring the value of token back up to the intrinsic value of $1. Based on the current market price of ATLAS at $30, you may wonder: Isn’t that a close to ~90% drop in portfolio value for me? In the most unlikely situation that the token does drop to a value of $1, the gains you receive from the protocol more than makeup for capital depreciation. This is achievable through our pioneered feature of fixed deposit plans!

Today, if you were to pick the most lucrative 90-day fixed deposit plan, you would be guaranteed 11,500% APY, which more than offsets your capital depreciation if you were to stake with us for a year! This means, the longer you stake, the lower your risks. That said, let us show you some simple mathematics to show you how this works. Assuming an invested capital of $1,000, and you were to buy ATLAS at $40, you would get a total of 25 ATLAS tokens.

In a bank run scenario

Price of token tanks to $1 each. Treasury will always have more than enough reserves to support the $1 price. At 11,500% APY, you will now have 2,875 ATLAS tokens at the end of the year, where market value will now be $2,875. This still presents a guaranteed gain of $1,875, ~180% gains. This is entirely possible if you were to ensure to compound your fixed deposit plans for a year.

In a scenario, where price maintains:

The price of the token remains at $40. At 11,500% APY, you will now have 2,875 ATLAS tokens at the end of the year, where market value will now be $115,000. This presents a gain of $114,000, ~11,400% gains. This is entirely possible if you were to ensure to compound your fixed deposit plans for a year, and prices of token remains.

Thus begets the question, what is the ideal price to buy ATLAS:

When you buy and stake ATLAS you capture a percentage of the supply (market cap) that will remain close to a constant. This is because your staked ATLAS balance also increases along with the circulating supply. The implication is that if you buy ATLAS when the market cap is low, you would be capturing a larger percentage of the market cap.

Any price below $100 will be a good buy. For example, if you buy ATLAS at $100 per token, at the end of the 1 year period, you would have 1,150 tokens, assuming you started with 10 tokens (bought at $100 each). This represents a minimal $150 gain by the end of the year, which is ~15% gain, and beats fixed deposit plans on any bank by a large margin!

Assuming you bought 10 tokens at $50 now = $500 USD cost
You stake 10 ATLAS for 1 year, you would have 1,150 tokens. Even at $1 per ATLAS, you will be receiving $1,150 in value at the end of 1 year of staking. That is a 130% gain assuming the worst-case scenario at $1/ATLAS.

Some noteworthy mechanics

  • Our treasury is constantly always growing because we re-invest the returns safely, and we use those returns to increase the $1 backing
  • Our auto-compounding vault constantly applies buy pressure to the ATLAS token, and this is why we are certain that there will be an increasing price floor in the long term
  • The Atlantis Protocol is built by a team that is here to stay — this reduces your risk for if you truly decide to invest in the protocol for a long time, you can be sure that the team will still always be around

What is coming up next?

  • An improved User Experience, where we create an automatic BOND -> STAKE -> FIXED-DEPOSIT flow so that the entire process is fully automated for you
  • Protocol Owned Liquidity for external projects to participate
  • Reserves set aside for burning/taking JAWS and FINS out of circulation




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