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AutoShark Metaverse: The underwater city

Hello Sharks

It has been a wonderful journey over the past 6 months ago — Our first DEFI product was launched ~6 months ago, marking our inception into the BSC DEFI world. Today, our team has built one of the largest self-sustaining ecosystem: AMM/DEX, Yield Optimizer, and Protocol-Owned-Liquidity protocol. These protocols work together synergistically to ensure our ecosystem is a sustainable one. The end result? We are certain that we are the only protocol on BSC that presents the largest number of investment options all under one AutoShark umbrella to investors of all sizes. With the plethora of investment options (Farms, Auto-compounding vaults, Bonds, Launchpads, NFTs, etc) within our ecosystem, we are certain to cater to every whim and fancy, and to cater to investors of varying knowledge levels in the blockchain world. Thusly, with this mature DEFI ecosystem, we are ready to bring our products to the next level.

Launch of AutoShark metaverse

We are pleased to announce that the team has been working on the “AutoShark metaverse” — A virtual crypto world that utilizes all of our existing products. Imagine a virtual world where you can trade currencies, farm yields, trade bonds, transact NFTs as some of the bread and butter tasks any crypto aficionado is used to.

With the AutoShark metaverse, users will each have a customized character that they can use to navigate the underwater sandbox city. You can visit Coves (Homes), created by other users, buy and trade NFT furniture, play metaverse games (with crypto rewards). Users that already hold our AutoShark NFTs will be able to use them in our metaverse. We will also be announcing airdrops to holders of our NFTs as they were the OGs that made this metaverse possible.

We imagine a diverse metaverse world where you can do anything, from performing swaps, farming yields, building a beautiful metaverse Cove (Home), playing games. So begets the next question, how will it work?

Our team has plans to ensure a rich metaverse where users can build beautiful homes, interact (MMO style), play games together, and even perform crypto activities (contract interactions). To furnish these homes, users can buy NFT furniture through the use of our native $FINS, $JAWS, and $ATLAS token. The proceeds of such sales will go towards our Atlantis Protocol treasury, to serve as backing for our $ATLAS token. Beyond that, there will be games which users can compete to win rare NFT rewards, or even crypto prizes, making this a metaverse where you can play2earn as well. To ensure this is realised, our team has also engaged a game development company that has been working with us on building the game engine that will performantly drive this huge MMO metaverse world. Our team is excited by the progress, and by the potential launch of our metaverse world, which we are sure to introduce new users into our AutoShark ecosystem.

Why metaverse?

We already have a mature DEFI ecosystem. The next stage of our growth will be fueled by the building of a product that a newbie can immediately get acquainted and comfortable with. We foresee ourselves as the gateway to which newbies get started with crypto, getting themselves immersed in a diverse metaverse world, and slowly getting acquainted with the diverse DEFI offerings we have. We are dedicated to scaling up the BSC ecosystem — we are certain that a newbie-friendly metaverse world has the capability to capture the largest audience. This audience will also be future users of our DEFI products, bringing in TVL to ensure that all our protocols are primed for success. Our team has a history of delivering on promised deliverables, and we seek to continue this tradition, by ensuring the launch of this metaverse captures the attention of newbies and veterans alike.

In Summary,

The AutoShark team will focus on ensuring that all existing protocols function as they should, while we prep for the launch of our metaverse. We hope that you are as excited as we are, to build the first gateway to DEFI services in a metaverse world powered by BSC.




Furthering the yields of farmers on the BSC

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