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🃏 AutoShark welcomes Predictcoin to the Ocean Ecosystem!

What is Predictcoin Finance?

Predictcoin is the world’s first crypto-assets price prediction DAO rewarding winners and losers, users can stake, farm & predict the prices of various crypto & non-crypto assets, including NFTs. The goal of predictcoin is to decentralize and redefine crypto assets prediction, by rewarding predictors and revealing the predictions of experienced predictors for the world to see.

Predictcoin is where GameFi meets DeFi, explore the world of crypto-assets prediction, and earn rewards in PRED or BNB while at it. PRED is the governance token of the platform with 100,000 total capped supply. It can be used to predict crypto-assets and staking on the platform.

What can users do on AutoShark?

$PRED token address: 0xbdd2e3fdb879aa42748e9d47b7359323f226ba22

  • Buy/Sell $PRED on AutoShark.
  • PRED-BNB farm will be established.
  • Stake $FINS and $JAWS to earn $PRED in our Ocean.

Learn more about Predictcoin Finance

Predictcoin is a crypto-assets price prediction DAO where users can stake, farm, and predict the prices of their favorite cryptocurrencies.


Join us!

We are always on the lookout for exciting projects that are impactful on the BSC. If you are interested in swimming with the sharks, why not drop us a message via our integration form and have a little chat with us? And as always, invest safe and hodl!

Keep updated with AutoShark

🦈 Website: https://AutoShark.Finance
🦈 Telegram Group:
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🦈 Twitter:
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Furthering the yields of farmers on the BSC

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