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Focusing on Native Token Value Growth & Retention

Hello Sharks,

It has been a while since our last update. As the price of our native tokens bottoms out, we thank our loyal community for sticking with us through the exodus of TVL and funds from our ecosystem. Ever since our previous update to attract liquidity providers for our native token, we start to see positive trends emerging for our liquidity and TVL growth.

As such, we would like to unveil the next series of our plans to accelerate the recovery of funds into our ecosystem. Our team will be implementing the following set of changes, while also outlining the reasons for each.

1. Refocus on Protocol Owned Liquidity for $FINS

The team will be creating special bonds where you can trade your FINS-BNB LPs for discounted $FINS tokens. This will be discounted across 7 days and serves as a strong financial instrument for those that are bullish on the $FINS token. This move will free up emissions inside of our FINS-BNB farm, hence pushing up the APR. This will thus make it more attractive for yield farmers to rejoin our ecosystem to provide liquidity for FINS-BNB.

For those of you who are willing to give up your FINS-BNB LPs to get FINS, you will be rewarded with a decent discount rate, netting you more FINS than if you would have staked in the farm.

2. New $FINS > $FINS staking pool

The FINS > WBNB dividends pool will be deprecated. As the number of tokens in circulation increases, the amount of WBNB rewards that we can issue out has decreased per token. We would like to ensure users a stable APY for staking their FINS with us, for more predictable earnings. Also, because our team has already been accumulating protocol-owned liquidity, this new staking pool will not create any significant sell pressure. In fact, we can focus on retaining and growing this POL with this approach.

When we combine the 2 moves above, we will be able to encourage a positive net cycle of growth back into our ecosystem. It is going to be an uphill fight, but it is a fight that our team is putting up, to restore value to our oceanic ecosystem. You can expect more of such tweaks and updates over the next couple of weeks to months as our team strives to tweak the variables of our ecosystem to encourage a new influx of funds.

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