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👨‍🎨 Snide Shark Gen 2.0 NFT Sale Details

With hundreds of different traits, they boast over 10000 possible combinations!

Hello Sharks

We are now less than a week away from the release of our second generation of Snide Sharks (SS2)! Our artist has been hard at work ever since the release of SS1, which was largely popular with our community!

A recap…

During the first NFT sale, we priced each SS1 NFT at 0.3 BNB. Currently, the floor price is 1.8 BNB which is a 6x price increment. Close to 500 SS1 are already burnt through forging and only half remains. You can check out the exact number here!

And with that, we are moving on to the SS2 NFTs, which will provide the same boosts as SS1:

Vaults (boost on $JAWS rewards)

Common: 2% boost
Uncommon: 4% boost
Rare: 6% boost
Epic: 8% boost
Legendary: 10% boost

Farms (boost on $FINS rewards)

Common: 0.4% boost
Uncommon: 0.8% boost
Rare: 1.2% boost
Epic: 1.6% boost
Legendary: 2% boost

For Farms, the boosts will be reduced by a factor of 5 and then rounded down to the nearest whole number for percentages above 1% (eg 2.6% becomes 2%), and rounded up for percentages below 1% (eg 0.4% becomes 1%).

SS2 Sale Details

The SS2 NFTs will have a total supply of 1500 pieces, of which 1400 will be put up for sale. The remaining 100 will be minted for the team and used for activities such as airdrops and SS1 NFT Epic & Legendary owners.

Supply: 1500 unique pieces
Minting Price: 0.8 BNB at The Cavern, 1400 pieces up for grabs
Max Mints per Transaction: 10

Every minting of SS2 doesn’t start at the common rarities, you have a chance to skip upgrades if you are lucky enough! Here are the chances of getting an upgraded Shark so start praying to Chainlink!

Common: 93.4%
Uncommon: 5%
Rare: 1%
Epic: 0.5%
Legendary: 0.1%

🗓️ Important Dates:

  • 12th October, 12pm UTC —Snapshot of SS1 Epic and Legendary NFT owners— Airdrops of 1x SS2 for Epic and 2x SS2 for Legendary NFT SS1 owners.
  • 13th October, 12pm UTC— Sale of SS2 NFTs for 24 hours
  • 14th October, 12pm UTC— Airdrop of SS2 for Epic and Legendary owners and giveaway winners, and any unsold NFTs will be burnt

During the sale, all SS2 NFTs will be veiled and will not be usable yet. After the sale and airdrop on 14 October, all SS2 will revealed to showcase their unique artwork and primed to boost farms and vaults!

Forging the NFTs

We have decided to keep the SS1 and SS2 NFTs to be exclusive, and hence users will not be able to merge NFTs from different series. This is to protect and preserve the value of the SS1, and will denote a separate price floor between the different series.

Guide on forging:

Buyback Plans

50% of the funds raised will be used for a combination of $FINS and $JAWS buybacks and burns, hereby increasing the floor price of our native tokens. Buybacks will happen within 48 hours after the sales.

And that’s it folks! Keep an eye out in our social channels to get the latest updates.



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