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Sustainable Single Staking with a (3,3) Focus

Atlantis is the first project to introduce Fixed Deposit staking mechanism that will incentivise users to stake long term and achieve (3,3) for the entire ecosystem. Sustainability has always been the core of AutoShark’s mission and for Atlantis to be successful, all implementations must be angled towards achieving (3,3). Users can stake for up to 2.5% ROI daily and over 11,500% APY if they are long term stakers with us.

(3,3) is the idea that, if everyone cooperated in Atlantis, it would generate the greatest gain for everyone (from a game theory standpoint). Currently, there are three actions a user can take:

Staking (+2)
Bonding (+1)
Selling (-2)

Staking and bonding are considered beneficial to the protocol, while selling is considered detrimental. Staking and selling will also cause a price move, while bonding does not (we consider buying Atlas from the market as a prerequisite of staking, thus causing a price move). If both actions are beneficial, the actor who moves price also gets half of the benefit (+1). If both actions are contradictory, the bad actor who moves price gets half of the benefit (+1), while the good actor who moves price gets half of the downside (-1). If both actions are detrimental, which implies both actors are selling, they both get half of the downside (-1).

Thus, given two actors, all scenarios of what they could do and the effect on the protocol are shown here:

Table of outcomes

(3,3) is met when users stake their $ATLAS. With a locked staking mechanism, we can achieve that more easily.

Read more about (3,3) here:

Staking ATLAS

You can stake ATLAS > ATLAS on ATLANTIS without any lock up but if you stake your sATLAS, your rewards will be significantly boosted. When you stake ATLAS > ATLAS, you receive sATLAS as a receipt. If you stake sATLAS, you get rewarded based on the length of time you choose to stake with us. The longer you choose to stake with us, the higher the rewards. The ATLAS rewards are not minted and it comes directly from Treasury. You can earn up to 2.5% Daily ROI and 11,500% APY staking your sATLAS.


  • Issued as a receipt when you stake in ATLAS > ATLAS
  • Locked Staking (Fixed Deposits) to earn ATLAS
  • Stake for unique ocean pools

Fixed deposit (lock staking) Plans:

  • sATLAS > ATLAS (0.2% daily ROI) — 5 days
    1.0% interest on principal staked
    73% APR
    106.75% APY if compounded every 5 days
  • sATLAS > ATLAS (0.5% daily ROI) — 15 days
    7.5% interest on principal staked
    182.5% APR
    480.6% APY if compounded every 15 days
  • sATLAS > ATLAS (0.7% daily ROI) — 30 days
    21% interest on principal staked
    255.5% APR
    913.9% APY if compounded every 30 days
  • sATLAS > ATLAS (1.5% daily ROI) — 60 days
    90% interest on principal staked
    547.5% APR
    4,780% APY if compounded every 60 days
  • sATLAS > ATLAS (2.5% daily ROI) — 90 days
    225% interest on principal staked
    912.5% APR
    11,500% APY if compound every 90 days

sATLAS is key to incentivizing users to stake ATLAS long term as part of our (3,3) proposition. When (3,3) is fulfilled, everyone in the ecosystem wins.

Early withdrawals will be subjected to forfeiting on the interest earned. However, if you are unsure if you want to stake long term, you can choose to stake some sATLAS in the 5 days plan and some in the 30 days plan. You can have multiple staking plans concurrently.

Example — You stake 100 ATLAS, you get 100 sATLAS. You stake 100 sATLAS for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, you will receive 225 ATLAS tokens + 100 of your sATLAS back where you can claim your 100 ATLAS. You will receive 325 ATLAS tokens in total. This will be on top of the APR earned via ATLAS > ATLAS.

On top of that, we will also have Atlantis “ocean” where you can stake sATLAS > to get partner projects’ tokens.

We are the first project to launch this fixed deposit staking mechanism that will help facilitate users towards staking such that we can achieve (3,3) which is beneficial for everyone in the entire Atlantis ecosystem.




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