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The Road To Atlantis

Our Roadmap to scale the AutoShark ecosystem through the Atlantis Protocol

Hello Sharks

We hear you! The growing sentiment of all our investors has been one of: “so we just launched the Atlantis Protocol, what’s next?”. Much as it has been a busy past week for the team, tweaking the usability of our system, our team never stops to take stock of the ongoing happenings in the cryptosphere.

With the launch of newer sexier chains, we see micro-trends of funds/TVL escaping the BSC ecosystem into shinier new chains. Essentially, we notice the rotation of funds across different chains, for users in seek of the best possible yields, and we notice contractions in the growth of plenty of projects within BSC. This is also thus timely that our team has just finalized our plans to launch our Protocol Owned Liquidity as a service — This move of ours seeks to help struggling projects, or even growing projects to secure liquidity for their own project, to weather through any potential bear market where fleeing liquidity providers could harm a project.

This approach of ours is an entirely innovative solution to help our partners to lock in liquidity for the foreseeable future, and to help us aggressively grow the Atlantis Protocol.

Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) as a service — How does it work?

Our team is taking a different approach to performing POL as a service as opposed to other “DAO Pros”. This model of ours will aggressively grow ATLAS token’s utility and market value. With the announcement of our POL service, our team will be performing a shift of our native liquidity towards a POL model. This includes our FINS-BNB and JAWS-BNB liquidity. This will help us to stabilize our token prices, allowing us to focus on the longevity of our ecosystem. This will form the first step of our Protocol-Owned-Liquidity as a service, with our own native tokens being the first to be integrated. The team will shift all project liquidity to utilize the POL infrastructure. A total of about ~3mil USD will be shifted into ATLAS treasury to also serve as a backing for the ATLAS token.

So the process we have set up to initiate a POL deal will look like the following:

  • Have the participating project team provide a liquidity target
  • Participating project team to provide a nominal amount of collateral to back the minting of ATLAS tokens
  • Participating project team to provide an amount of their native token, to allow our users to stake ATLAS for their project tokens
  • With the above, our team will then set up the appropriate contracts to aid the participating project in locking in POL!

If you are a project that wishes to utilize our POL service, reach out to our team at so we can run some numbers with you.

What does this mean to you as an ATLAS holder?

This is a huge added utility for ATLAS holders because this means that we will diversify your earnings potential by allowing you to use your ATLAS tokens to earn tokens from external projects at a high APR. There are no lock-ins for such pools, which means you have huge flexibility. And because these projects are using our POL service, there is always going to be liquidity and stability for the partner project!

Furthermore, more partners equate to larger exposure for the Atlantis Protocol, which would mean potentially more users of our ecosystem! Lastly, the biggest issue that most “DAO protocols” face right now, is an issue of dilution. More circulating supply equates to less token value for all other holders. With this model, we provide additional earning streams that do not inflate our circulating supply, which allows for the ATLAS tokens that you hold, to be worth more in the longer term.

What does this mean to you as a participating project?

You are able to achieve “financial leverage” by providing low amounts of collateral in order to lock in permanent liquidity for your project. This means that your project will not run into a situation of fleeing liquidity providers, that tend to trigger a vicious sell-off cycle. By having POL, there will be greater confidence from within your community as holders are sure that there is guaranteed liquidity. Our model is built to be sustainable for us, and for yourselves, and is largely different from 1st generation AMMs.

In conclusion

With this, we announce the first-ever pivot for similar projects. Instead of adopting a purely inflationary approach to reward ATLAS holders, there are plans to aggressively lower the fixed deposit APRs in the mid to long term. This will guarantee a lower circulating supply of ATLAS tokens, which will mean that ATLAS tokens will have higher intrinsic value in the long run.

One may question, how does the protocol thus reward native token holders? With the announcement of our POL as a service, we aim to provide huge value to ATLAS holders, since they can now earn other native tokens in place of earning more ATLAS (and this approach is a non-inflationary one). By relying on value created from external projects, when they perform well, more value is generated for ATLAS holders. Our protocol is now less reliant on issuing out more ATLAS to reward holders.

At the same time, being an AMM that is able to help external projects lock in POL, we will be the first of our kind, and there will be huge potential for growth across all our FINS, JAWS, and ATLAS holders. For more information on how our token holders benefit, check out our docs here.




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