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AutoShark Tokenomics [Updated June 2021]

Update June 2021: The JAWS emission per BNB will be changed from a previous 125% of the market price of BNB to a floating emission rate of 110% — 120% per BNB.

This is to incentivize certain partner pools while still maintaining a competitive rate for yield farming. This is a step towards reducing emissions of JAWS for the longevity of the platform.

Hello Sharks

The AutoShark team has decided to revise tokenomics as the old emission (1 BNB : 200 SHARK) will not be applicable with the changes in BNB price over the past couple of weeks. With our new token launching at a price of $1.20, we have decided on a fixed emission rate of X JAWS per BNB, where X > 125% of the market price of BNB / the market price of JAWS.

This new rate of emissions will be set to ensure a high APY to retain and attract TVL. It will also guarantee farmers will never lose out because you will theoretically be getting back 1.25BNB with every 1 BNB in performance fees taken from you.

Some calculations

For example, if the market price of BNB is $300 and JAWS is $1, then X = (125% of 300) = 375 JAWS / BNB.

Another example would be if the market price of BNB is $400 and JAWS is $0.5, then X = (125% of $400/$0.5) = 125% * 800 = 1000 JAWS / BNB.

Emission Fundamentals are unchanged

By having a fixed emission rate pegged to the price of BNB, we will be able to curb inflation such that when the price of JAWS increases, the APY returns will still be attractive for yield farmers but emissions will decrease (deflationary), thereby creating a steady price increase in JAWS.

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