A Weekend of Writing and Writing Conversation & A New Release!

Autumn’s Allusions #32

This past weekend I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do — I went on a writer’s retreat!

Now this was a retreat for writers of non-smutty fiction and poetry but still…it was amazing to connect with a group of writers and just talk writing! And they were all women, too. That made it even better for me.

Anyone who has been following me and reading my posts here on Medium likely already knows I write both smutty and non-smutty works. I’m often torn between the two.

The smutty fiction and non-fiction give me a different sort of pleasure. But I crave the mainstream creativeness, too. And I find that harder to get online.

We talked poetry and fiction and creative non-fiction. We shared our works. We laugh and cried.

Overall — amazing!

I’ve come home feeling renewed and excited to write again.

I’ve got two books coming out this month. Here’s the first one:

More Love In Paradise is available for pre-order and it goes live on May 6th when it will be available in Kindle Unlimited.

Polly and Klare and Lonnie are about to find out if they can go from being ethically non-monogomous to a happy throuple. Fair warning — there’s definitelly some MM love in this book!

Click here to get More Love in Paradise

And I’ll save the other book reveal for later this week!

Oh! Want to keep it short and sweet? Well, Quick & Dirty? Then you should check out my Medium Publication — Quick & Dirty! There’s a whole pile of flash erotica pieces going up by some of Medium’s best writers of smut.

Click here to check out the hot stories going up every day on Quick & Dirty!!!




Follow along as I ramble about life (mine, yours, ours), random ideas, writing, and whatever else I need to get out of my head. This is my place for casual blog posts. ~ Autumn Seave

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Autumn Seave

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