Autumn’s Affairs #9 — The Blog, The Life, The Rambles

Autumn’s Allusions publication will be unmetered and free for anyone to read from now on.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

In redesigning my website,, I took off all content in favor of using Medium for everything I write. The only problem is that I’ve been putting everything behind the paywall so my previous blog readers don’t have a place to read my rambles and non-formal posts. Not that I likely had many, but there must have been a few, right?

So, I’ve decided to create this publication for just my random blog-type posts that don’t necessarily have a purpose other than over sharing about my life. The intent is not to make more money with these posts but to interact. And like I said, over share. Because I tend to do that.

I know that I have a tendency to need to get a few lines out about something before I can move on with my day. I often do that on in my journal but sometimes I want to share it with someone. So, when I need to do that I will likely put them all in one post.

Don’t expect this place to be overly organized. It could be about sex. But it could be about almost anything. My dreams of travelling, Twitter relationships, moving, microdosing weed, movies, books — all of those have place here.

If you read, I promise that you’ll get to know me a whole hell of a lot better. Or you might just be bored to tears.

I remember the days when blogging was just done for fun. Not to make money. I had a diary-x blog. I loved it. I miss it. I really enjoyed reading about the boring ins and outs of people’s lives. It was like — well, reading someone’s diary. And I don’t know about you but having the chance to read someone’s diary, the boring bits and all — well, that was one of the thrills of being a kid. I confess that I read my friend's diaries every chance I got. I only wished that they were as prolific as I was.

So, if you care to read, please do. If you care to comment, I look forward to it.

I think I’ll put Autumn’s Affairs in the title so that people know it is a journal entry. If you don’t want to ready it — then you can choose to skip that one. How does that sound?




Follow along as I ramble about life (mine, yours, ours), random ideas, writing, and whatever else I need to get out of my head. This is my place for casual blog posts. ~ Autumn Seave

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Autumn Seave

You never know what you’ll get from me — sexy stories, ruminations on love and relationships, & more!

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