So, I dropped down to 3 days a week.

After Valentine’s week, I’ll be working 3 full days at the EDJ and then I have 4 days to write. Maybe even have a day off sometimes!

But I think I am also going to minimize client work. I have a couple clients that I don’t want to give up. One of them I’ve been working with for almost 8 years!

Once I finish all my current commitments, I’ll be able to make a plan to write my own stuff more.

My own stuff includes ebooks for Autumn Seave, Alicia Stone, and Autumn Knight. Plus, writing here on Medium.

You might see more stories that are related to my books.

I feel better making this decision. Now maybe I can focus!



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Autumn Seave

Autumn Seave

You never know what you’ll get from me — sexy stories, ruminations on love and relationships, & more!