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Autumn’s August

Entering the Marriage Mart

Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

I wrote my last story two months back (This Beat Cha-Ching Like Money: Why BTS Is So Popular) and since then, a lot has happened and yet nothing has happened. Let’s see, what was I doing….

Learning Italian, continuing piano lessons, getting covid, recovering from covid, endlessly working at the office, buying a piano book, finally reading “Anna Karenina”, changing my skincare routine and looking for potential marriage partners.

Yes, you read it right, I’m stepping into the marriage bazaar!

Even though my Dad says that he’s not serious as of now, he’s starting to set up profiles for me and even talking to some of his acquaintances. According to him, he’s just going through the prospects to get a feel of how things work. Initially, I was cool with it, I didn’t care as long as it didn’t bother me.

Now that my father has started to look for potential partners for me, I suddenly find the idea repulsive and nauseating. Somehow, the idea of judging someone based on their physical attributes and their professional background doesn’t seem like the best way to proceed. At the same time, I find myself to sound hypocritical because, even when we meet someone by chance, their looks, personality and background do sub-consciously become a factor in deciding our stance towards them.

Yes, I understand that since I can’t meet the person, I can at least imagine them by their physical attributes but is that what really matters? Not that I’m trying to not be shallow, but really, physical appearances are so momentary in today’s time. People can change how they look quite easily. One can gain weight, lose weight, change their hair colour, change their skincare habits, change their diet, in fact, even changing your dressing sense changes your appearance.

At this point, I’ve reached a stage where quite a few of my friends and acquaintances are also thinking and talking about marriage. One of my very dear friends pointed out that matrimonial sites seem like the worst place to find a spouse. She said, “You can know everything about a person from their profile, physical appearance, professional background, family background, hobbies etc. but the one thing you cannot know is how that person truly is on the inside, which is really the most important thing of all”.

Couldn’t agree more!

Since I was a kid, I’ve been ambitious and aware of my ambition. I’m ambitious in all areas of my life, be it career, family, or even hobbies. No matter what I do, I try to do it well and worst of all, I need to do well, otherwise, the guilt of not giving my all haunts me. So naturally, I grew with this ideal that someday, I’d find somebody suitable to have a family with. One of my favorite lines to prove I’m a cynic is, “Love and Marriage are two different things and it’s a bonus if you get both in one”.

This is something I acknowledge, that it is possible to be married to someone you don’t love and honestly, I’ve been fine with that notion. Even when I was a teenager and all my girlfriends wanted a marriage based on love, I believed that a marriage based on respect and honesty is the foremost priority for me. I still do, because I know that my love will be a product of the respect you give me and the honesty with which you treat me.

Anyway, if anybody can set me up with this guy, I’ll just show up at the wedding immediately!! Haha…gotta love V a.k.a Kim Taehyung from BTS!

P.S.- If any of you find my profile on these matrimonial sites, know that it’s my Dad actually!



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