Best Staking Calculators to Estimate Your Staking Rewards

With projects like AVADO finally making it easy for everyone to earn passive income through staking, many people are wondering how they can go about finding out which projects will offer them the best return on their investment. In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the best free calculators that you can use to estimate your staking rewards.

Why use a staking calculator?

Staking calculators are simply tools that access publicly available mathematical formulas to estimate how much you could earn by staking different projects. On the market today, there are dozens of cryptocurrencies that people can stake. Some projects offer a substantially larger return than others, and how much each individual crypto pays out is constantly changing.

As such, staking calculators are a great way to get an initial estimate that can let you know if pursuing a specific project is actually worth your time. You can, for instance, use a staking calculator to find one or more cryptocurrencies that could potentially earn you a significant amount of passive income.

The best calculators for estimating multiple projects

When it comes to free staking calculators, the one provided by is a great option. By navigating to the ‘calculator’ section of the site, you’ll find the ability to calculate how much you could potentially earn by staking any of the crypto projects listed in the dropdown menu.

What makes this calculator particularly useful is the fact that it lists dozens of projects in one place, including extremely popular cryptocurrencies and even some lesser known coins. It also allows you to choose a reward option, which shows you how much you could earn through different methods. For instance, if you’re looking to earn passive income with Ethereum 2.0, Staking Rewards’ calculator can show you how much you could earn from staking pools, by running a validator, through validator-as-a-service, via exchange staking, and by lending ETH. Other cryptocurrencies listed through this tool have similar options, allowing you to find your preferred method.

Like the one provided by Staking Rewards, Cryptolek’s staking calculator provides an overview of many crypto projects and allows users to estimate the staking rewards for each one. This calculator can be accessed for free by going to the ‘staking’ section of the Cryptolek website.

This tool currently lets you explore the estimated earning potential of 17 crypto projects, including both major and lesser-known digital assets. It is easy to navigate and gives users a lot of flexibility when it comes to inputting relevant information, which can help create more accurate estimates.

WalletBurst provides a range of financial tools, including free crypto staking calculators. By navigating to the ‘tools’ section of the website, you’ll find separate staking calculators for 15 different cryptocurrency projects.

Each of the individual staking calculators listed on this site give users a lot of control, in order to calculate a more accurate estimate. It also displays an earnings graph that is updated as you input information, showing how much you could potentially earn through staking over different lengths of time.

The best staking calculators for specific cryptocurrencies (ETH 2.0)

Ethscan’s Ethereum 2.0 staking calculator gives you complete control over the economic, staking pool, and network parameters that go into estimating your ROI. This makes this a great tool for finding a more accurate estimate of how much you could earn by staking Ethereum 2.0.

Qtum Staking (Qtum)

On, you’ll find a staking calculator that can give an idea of how much you could earn by staking Qtum. This calculator is extremely straightforward and simple to use, providing a quick and easy estimate. (Avalanche)

If you’re looking to find out how much you could earn by staking Avalanche (AVAX), a great resource is the project’s website. By scrolling down on the home page, you’ll find a built-in staking calculator that can give you an idea of how much you could earn in rewards by staking this project.

Staking rewards are constantly changing

Another reason why people might choose to use these types of calculators to estimate their staking rewards lies in the fact that staking rewards are constantly changing. Different crypto projects offer rewards based on different sets of criteria. For instance, many projects offer a higher annual percentage yield when there are fewer validators on the network. This means you may have to be quick in order to capitalize on the staking rewards offered by trusted projects when opportunities emerge.

It is also important to mention that you should ideally look at more than just the annual percentage yield on its own when considering which projects to stake. This is because unknown projects often offer insanely high staking rewards only to have their tokens end up crashing before these rewards are actually paid out. That’s why factors such as how strong the community behind a project is and its fundamental technology are necessary to consider as well.

How to easily stake multiple coins

Once you’ve explored how much passive income you could earn by staking different cryptocurrency projects, you might find that you want to stake multiple coins. Alternatively, you might discover that you are most passionate about one project and would like to start staking in order to seize your earning potential.

Fortunately, AVADO’s range of plug-and-play blockchain devices make it easy for virtually anyone to stake one or more cryptocurrency projects without any prior knowledge about blockchain technology. Depending on how many projects you’d like to stake, you can browse AVADO’s offerings to find the perfect device for your needs.

With AVADO, it is easier than ever to stake cryptocurrencies like Avalanche (AVAX), Qtum (QTUM), Ethereum 2.0 (ETH), and many more. Getting started takes just a few minutes, and you have complete control over how you use your AVADO device. To find out more and get started, visit AVADO’s website today.



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