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Implementing the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Mental Health Commission of Canada http:mhcc.ca

It’s called The National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. And it’s the first of its kind in the world. Developed in Canada and used by countless organizations and companies, it’s the roadmap for employers to create a mentally healthier workplace.

The Standard is all about shifting workplace culture to value mental health and safety as much as we do physical health and safety.

It provides a framework to assess your current workplace, set objectives and take action to enhance the programs, policies, benefits and training you already have in place at work.

The Standard is voluntary, and there’s no single prescribed way to implement it. It’s designed to allow for flexibility and customization to effectively implement in your unique organization.

But sometimes that leaves employers wondering how to get started.

Implementing the Standard

Start by downloading the standard and looking at what policies and procedures you already have in place.

The Assembling the Pieces Guide and Toolkit will take you step-by-step through implementing the Standard.

You can also take advantage of training resources like Being a Mindful Employee — a free online program that introduces employees to the factors that impact mental health and what we can all do to support our co-workers and ourselves.

Finally, this series of short animated videos aims to raise awareness around the evidence-embedded 13 factors that can impact the mental health of employees in the workplace and encourage conversations on ways to promote psychologically healthy and safe workplaces.

People are your most valuable assets. Commit to creating a psychologically safe work environment and help your employees thrive inside and outside the workplace You can do this.

Start today. Visit mentalhealthcommission.ca.

Ready To Help Your Employees Excel and Thrive?

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For employees with untreated mental health problems or who want to improve their mental wellbeing without stigma or privacy concerns, Avail’s Care Navigator recommends options ranging from psychoeducational content (e.g. articles, videos) to professional care from our national provider network. Care resources can be augmented with any care options your organization provides. For administrators, Avail’s aggregate analytics and insights track your organization’s care service utilization and identifies trends in the mental health and well-being of your workforce.

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Scott Wallace PhD

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