Dream colleagues make Mondays feel like Saturdays

We spend most of our days at work. One might think friends at work cause people to slack off. However, researching for this blog post I stumbled upon some studies that showed that there are actually multiple benefits of having work buddies. Study upon study indicates that office friendships have a direct link with engagement and productivity. For example, a 2014 Globoforce survey found that people with workplace friendships are nearly three times more likely to say that they love their companies and two times less likely to be poached by another company.

I count myself lucky because at every stage of my career, I have worked in places with such caring employees who believe in hard work and professionalism in the work place, too! I have had interesting and cordial colleagues, some of whom are now close friends. In fact, two of my best friends I continue to keep in touch with originally started out as colleagues. Hence, I can personally attest to a ‘work buddy’ helping with overall performance and morale in the workplace.

Finding someone who shares your work ethic, who is trustworthy, who can be honest and insightful about your ideas, and who you do not need to explain a lot to is really valuable. Team work in general is, of course, important in almost all jobs, but if you can find that one person to be your equal or second in command, that will make everything that much better.

Friendships at work are healthy when they form organically. However, it stands to reason that managers should actively encourage these types of friendships and should let employees chitchat about casual things. It might seem like they are not being productive when they talk, but the data shows that these friendships really matter.

Having a good friend at work makes people feel more valued and appreciated, and leads to greater productivity and a sense of belonging. And when things do not go perfectly, the emotional support of a close work friend can help people address problems more constructively. Friendships help alleviate stress and provide a mutual support system at their workplace where they spend half their day.

Work is life; relationships are inevitable. Developing friendships is just as healthy at the workplace as it is outside the workplace. Nonetheless, this is an extremely delicate issue, and I know many people whose stance is, and probably always will be, a no to mixing personal and professional lives. Work and home relationships are entirely different, but they both keep you sane in their own way. You have to find the sweet spot between the two extremes, and this comes with honesty, consistent evaluation, and openness. So, each person must watch the balance to ensure that this friendship is not misused to favour some and exclude others. Communication, boundaries, understanding, and professionalism is key.

Having a good work buddy can really mean the difference between a good job, and a great job. I especially love working here in Avaintec since employees are not only colleagues but bunch of friends who socialise also outside of work. I feel that work can become more “fun,” relaxed and enjoyable because you are able to be more yourself and authentic around these individuals than perhaps you normally would. I am so thankful to all my dear colleagues for support and friendship. I am proud to work with ambitious people who continue to deliver excellent results.