eIDAS is coming, and we are ready

Electronic identification is evolving. New eIDAS regulation came into force 1st of July 2016, and it will boost security and convenience for cross-border electronic transactions in EU member countries. Usage of online services will become easier for citizens, businesses and public organizations.

The need for secure transactions and electronic identification is growing. From July 2016 onwards, all EU member countries must recognize electronic identification methods reported to the European Commission by other member countries. eIDAS regulation aims to create an environment for secure transactions across national borders, by enabling recognition of national electronic identification methods. In the future, Finnish electronic identification can be used, for example, in Swedish public administration services.

This topic was discussed in the European Forum on Electronic Signature conference 9–10th of June 2016. The effects of eIDAS were the main focus in a panel discussion called ”Paperless Country — how will the eIDAS regulation help us move to a paperless world?”. Avaintec’s CEO Pekka Kuosmanen took part in this panel. He also made a speech in the conference about the Finnish national authentication and digital signature system. In Finland electronic identification is already regulated, but in the future it’ll be based on eIDAS.

”Enhancing the security of online services facilitates operations for both public sector and commercial vendors, as well as for citizens. For companies like Avaintec, this change is good news. From now on, we can provide digital identification solutions for all EU member countries” Kuosmanen points out.