Retired and working full-time: Seppo’s story

Competitive ballroom dancer and pensioner Seppo Mustonen felt that retirement didn’t suit him. So, a few months after retiring, Seppo started working full-time again to see if he still possessed the capacity to learn.

Seppo Mustonen had made a long, colourful career for himself in tech companies. In September 2017, at the age of 67, he retired from the workforce. Seven months later, Seppo found himself starting all over again at a new full-time job; in March 2018, he joined Avaintec.

Seppo is living proof that your age doesn’t necessarily stop you from learning new things.

Continuing a colourful career

Seppo’s career has been interesting and multifaceted. He studied both mathematics and information technology, and earned a licentiate degree from the University of Oulu. After teaching at the university, Seppo held various management and leadership positions that ranged from project management and product management to even quality management.

Seppo has become acquainted with the business side of numerous industries, including construction, metallurgy, telecommunications, and logistics. IT has been the central focus in every job.

Software integrations, which play a significant role in his current job as well, are something Seppo has become familiar with through hands-on work; he feels it’s an area he’s quite familiar with.

“This is a world where you never stop learning. That’s the reason I’m here.”

New job, new limitations

At Avaintec, Seppo has been working on digital archiving and integration projects, for his hometown Kajaani, in fact. He has recently become a vital member of the support team as well.

Seppo has been pleasantly surprised by how technically versatile his tasks have turned out to be. He enjoys facing and conquering new challenges. He is also happy with Avaintec’s meritocracy and flat hierarchy; authority is earned through experience.

He wanted a slow start. In the beginning, Seppo and his manager agreed to keep a low profile so as to not bite off more than he can chew. So far everything has gone well. “I think I know my own limitations pretty well,” Seppo affirms, “We stay inside those limits.”

In his prime, Seppo worked like crazy — sometimes even up to 16 hours a day. Nowadays he stays late only on rare occasions, and even then, voluntarily.

Work doesn’t strain Seppo, who keeps himself active. He takes good care of his physical wellbeing by running and training regularly. Although he feels his learning abilities aren’t what they once were, he’s still very agile and keeps learning new things. Seppo’s character was particularly developed by his competitive ballroom dancing career — he doesn’t quit even when faced with failure.

A multi-talented virtuoso, full of hidden abilities

Seppo still trains dance regularly, and hopes to compete again soon. In Finland, he and his partner have made it to the finals consistently and received several medals over the past twenty years. His career as a competitive ballroom dancer has even earned Seppo international recognition.

Besides ballroom dance, Seppo’s resume includes baseball, sprint running and judo. He enjoys telling the story of how he beat the then European master to-be, Jorma Korhonen, with an uchimata.

Seppo is not only a sports man, but also a musician; he describes himself as an amateur composer. With the help of his computer, he turns hums and melodies into real waltzes, which even his musician friend praises.

Avaintec is a great workplace

Seppo likes it here at Avaintec; he appreciates the combination of professionalism and humour. Work is going well, and he has truly impressed his co-workers.

“Seppo is very surprising. He is full of qualities you’d never believe at a first glance,” boasts Seppo’s manager, Sami-Petteri, “That guy is in great shape!”

Similarly, Avaintec’s People Operations Manager, Fade, agrees that Seppo is a fantastic recruit: “I really appreciate Seppo’s dedication to his work, as well as his positive outlook on life.”

In his opinion, Avaintec is one of the best places Seppo has ever worked. He proclaims that it would be difficult to do better, and although he celebrated his 69th birthday on October 13th, Seppo declares that he’s in no hurry to leave and retire for real.