The AVA Platform Tools — Pt. 1, The AVA Wallet

Collin Cusce
Mar 11 · 5 min read

Tools of the Trade

What is a platform without tools to leverage its power? With the introduction of the Borealis code release, the AVA community is providing tools that can be used to test, demonstrate, and grow the platform. We have bundled up and released four applications which can assist developers and traders in learning to adopt the AVA Platform:

  • Avash — The AVA Node Launcher
  • The AVA Faucet Application
  • The AVA Wallet Dapp
  • Slopes — The AVA Javascript Library

In a previous article, “”, we went over Avash and how it can be used to launch a local network. Avash is an early stage tool that’s already shown itself to be incredibly useful for launching local networks. While this article will focus on the other tools in the tool chest, we encourage everyone to head over to to see the full documentation of Avash. We also encourage anyone interested in AVA to and introduce themselves.


We will need a network running in order to use these tools. To set up a locally running network, we use the tutorial “” as a guide. That reference will set up a network on local machines with an API node running on localhost over port 9650.

In addition, all tools will be built from source using Node.js 12.14.1 as the node version. We recommend installing this node version for this article. If it is necessary to manage multiple versions of Node.js, we highly recommend installing node via Node Version Manager (nvm). More information can be found on their repo at: . It is also necessary to install the tools `git` and `npm` to their latest stable versions.

The AVA Wallet

AVA comes with a beta wallet Dapp that can be used to exchange funds and watch the flow of assets as we send them via the AVA Platform. It’s a Node.js application replete with essential functionality to support a user experience for the creation of addresses, backing up of wallets, and sending assets throughout the network. All transactions are securely self-signed locally in the Dapp using the Slopes Javascript library.


The AVA Wallet installation assumes we’ve installed Node.js 12.14.1 and have the `npm` tool on a local machine.

git clone 
cd wallet-site
npm install
cp .env.example .env


Now that the code is installed, let’s set up a local environment by editing the “.env” file we just created. Variables beginning with VUE_APP_ will get injected into the vue application. We’re going to assume that the following values are for the local network tutorial, but of course we can modify these values to taste.

VUE_APP_AVA_IP — The IP Address of the AVA node. Try: “localhost”
VUE_APP_AVA_PORT — The port of the AVA node. Try: 9650
VUE_APP_AVA_PROTOCOL — Either http or https. For local testing use “http”
VUE_APP_NETWORK_ID — The NetworkID of the AVA network we connect with. Try: 12345
VUE_APP_CHAIN_ID — The BlockchainID of the AVM. We can use the alias “avm” to get the AssetID from the node. Try: “X”

Now that the wallet code is installed and configured, we can run it by:

npm run serve

If all goes well we should see:

Open the browser to and we’ll be able to see the wallet!

Using the wallet

We begin by selecting “Create New Wallet” and pressing “Generate Key Pair”.

This displays a private key we can use in the wallet. Be sure to back this up as closing this Dapp will lose that private key!

Alternatively, we can enter an existing private key, upload a key file, or even use a QR code for the paper wallet to upload into the Dapp.

Once we click “Access Wallet”, the Wallet should appear!

This displays an address, enables us to get a paper wallet, export encrypted wallet files, and view asset balances.

But Wait, There’s More!

…but wait! We do not have any asset balances! That’s where The AVA Faucet comes in.

In we’ll cover the AVA Faucet and how to put funds into an AVA Wallet.

AVA Labs

AVA: Platform for DApps, Payments, Smart Assets, And Much More.

Collin Cusce

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I work at AVA Labs. You should, too. It’s pretty awesome.

AVA Labs

AVA Labs

AVA: Platform for DApps, Payments, Smart Assets, And Much More.

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