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Avalanche Portal #12

“The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.”

Avalanche is achieving magnification in all grounds. Technological updates to partnerships are making the ecosystem extensive. The Avalanche community has 15+ language specifications keeping the members more involved and entitled in the community. Different activities happening around Avalanche encourage the community members to make the Avalanche family much more strong with every passing day.

Avalanche Portal helps you to stay updated with the things happening around Avalanche. Let’s check out the marvelous efforts by the community members.

Avalanche India

Creativity has achieved a broader dimension in today’s world. From paper art people have switched to digital art, making our planet eco friendly. NFT will never go off fashion and are booming in the crypto world. To create the awareness about NFT Avalanche India has a NFT event in which Tanish and Abhishek fabulously explained about NFT in depth. Join Avalanche India on Telegram and Twitter.

Avalanche Russia

Avalanche Russia had an outstanding AMA session with Russian Cartesi Ambassador Alexei Leshnevsky on the telegram channel. Cartesi is a decentralized computing platform that allows smart contracts to run off-chain (offline) while maintaining the same security guarantees as on-chain on the blockchain. Cartesi began integrating its layer-2 infrastructure with Avalanche in February this year to enable developers to create smart contracts using the major software stacks supported on Linux. In late March, the Cartesi team announced the release of Descartes v1.1.0, which provides support for Avalanche’s C-Chain testnet called FUJI. To join Avalanche Russia on Twitter click here.

Avalanche Spanish

Andrea Vargas a very talented Developer Evangelist and Community Manager for Latin America talked about Avalanche on Miguel Barajas GnuOwned You Tube channel. Andrea Vargas talked with professionals in the decentralized protocols industry and what she does in Avalanche and the open source technology that is being developed in this Layer 1 protocol. To watch the entire video click here.

RicardOruka from @avalanche_esp an amazing contributor of Avalanche was invited in an outstanding AMA with @CriptoMarinadas from @gateio_es and @GregorArn from @versofinance. To join Gate.io Español click here .

Let’s learn about the role of Avalanche in the creation of the internet of finance, its architecture, operation and tools that allow to have a decentralized, high-performance and secure global financial network with Andrea Vargas.

Curious to know about development plans to continue growing and attracting TVL to the Avalanche ecosystem? Here is an amazing interview on blockchain summit latam with the main Penguin Finance dev. Join Penguin Finance on Twitter and Telegram. To watch the entire interview, click here.

Women are heading marvelously in crypto and supporting the wave with great zeal. Recently, Global Report on Women Cryptocurrency & Financial Independence by @MarinaSpindler and @paordgz7 interviewed Gabriela and Andrea ∀argas, heart core supporters of Avalanche.

Meme Contest — Do you fees burned?

Avalanche is well known for its high speed and low transaction fees. Boasting about it, is a must. The community members created content/meme regarding the topic explaining fees cheapest and fastest DeFi on Avalanche. It was a tough competition tough but with the community voting, here we have the winners- Eduardo ∀ Sarah may gloria ∀ Charly M. ∀ avie ∀

Why Avalanche?

Avalanche is growing rapidly with no stone unturned. Recently many talented and outstanding community members came up with the video explaining the topic- “Why Avalanche” excellently. Avalanche is building beyond the limits so there is a lot to highlight. Have a look at the amazing handwork by the community members.

Avalanche Ecosystem

New partnerships and update are coming in the Avalanche ecosystem. To support the ecosystem grow and create engagement regarding this, community members spread the word in the form of visual design or a video. Here are some of the amazing content created by the members.

The coolest part about crypto communities is the hidden talent within them. @Hessyz_ one of the community member created a set of amazing Avalanche GIFs. Take a look at the set!


Seq always tries to explain things in the most relevant ways. Let’s know why Avalanche is Super Ultra Sound Money, a next generation money for the people.


We hope Community Updates will make AVAX Portal even more useful, so that you’re not worried about missing out on cool events and opportunities around you.

Thanks for being with us on this journey everyone — to AVALANCHE!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make Avalanche a movement we can be proud of.

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