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When thoughtful and authentic voices connect, collide, and converse, they build upon or challenge the understandings and make us all smarter as a result. That is why Avalanche focuses on building the community .With each passing day Avalanche anchored in ecosystem development. The support of the community members for the Avalanche ecosystem clearly showcases how much they like the project and want it grow in leaps and bounds. The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Let’s have a dive into what Avalanche community chased in last 2 weeks.

Avalanche Chinese

Recently Avalanche Chinese technical community “Avalancher” has been established.

“Avalancher” is a technical community established by development enthusiasts, focusing on the developer community of the Avalanche ecosystem, providing free technical support for developers.

Wilson, the head of Avalanche’s Asia Pacific region, was invited to participate in Kucoin — Encryption 007🔺 to share some new trends in Avalanche.

On Wednesday 8th September Grenade Grenade Specially invited Avalanche’s head of Asia Pacific-Wilson to participate in the AMA event, and talk to everyone: the public chain ecology battle, the next step of the Avalanche agreement after the 180 million reward plan!

These guys had a really interesting and educational AMA’s

Avalanche India

Using the Avalanche official wallet is not enough but know what accessibilities it offers is something which all should know. Kuen Shahi , Community Manager of Avalanche India Community created a very educational video on Multiple ways to login to your Avalanche Wallet . Video is available in both English and Hindi.
English — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Gm-Ak1kk0&t=2s
Hindi — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgzsI5plOH4

Kuen Shahi launched another initiative of “Learn and Earn “ To educate the community more about Avalanche and broaden their knowledge horizon” .
Avalanche India community is having a quiz everyday starting from 13th September 2021 which will continue till 1st November 2021. One Question is asked in the community everyday, and the community members are rewarded for correct answer. This quiz is being hosted at Avalanche India Telegram Group.

In addition to this Avalanche India was invited for an amazing AMA with Cryptospartans at their telegram group, where Kuen Shahi was the host. The Cryptospartans community was open to know about Avalanche and it was an interesting AMA with communities support. To read the AMA recap click here.

Avalanche Indonesia

Avalanche Indonesia community is all set for doing incredibly creative tasks. The community is running a Weekly Competitions “It’s Called League of Avangers”, it’s second round for this week.

That is not all the community is also participating in influencing for Avalanche Indonesia, it’s third week since the task opened and will continue until end the end of this year, so every participant can get some points in weekly based on their activity with local twitter and local medium.

Join Avalanche Indonesia on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated with the events in their community.

Avalanche Spanish

Spanish community is full of zeal and enthusiasm from down to dusk. The community efforts make this community much more special. Let’s check out the efforts community has put to support Avalanche ecosystem.

  • Andrea Vargas was in a panel called “building infrastructure for DeFi". Check out the conference here.

Avalanche Việt Nam

Avalanche Vietnamese community hosted a quiz in their telegram channel to expand the community knowledge about Avalanche . Winners were rewarded with Avalanche Hub points . Join the Avalanche Vietnamese community on Twitter and Telegram for more exciting event in future

Avalanche Türkçe

The Avalanche Tukey continues with its projects and award-winning question and answer activities in the Avalanche Turkey telegram group!

The Pangolin team was invited for an amazing AMA with Turkey community. The AMA was very informative and interesting. The Turkey community activity participated in the AMA

The series of AMA continues with Verso Finance. Avalanche Turkey also has an outstanding AMA with Verso Finance team, providing deep knowledge about the project to their community members.

Avalanche Hub

Avalanche Hub is the core of Avalanche community. Avalanche Hub is a platform that encourages the community members to give their best to support the Avalanche ecosystem.

Recently Avalanche conducted an Avalanche Developer Tutorial Contest for developers. This gave a change to the technical supporters of the community to showcase their talent in their field. The rests for the contest have been announced. Congratulations winners

Check out this thread by one of the Avalanche supporter spending few weeks in understanding Avalanche and finally coming into a conclusion. Read the full thread here.

Community members supporting the Avalanche Rush program with all their capabilities. Here are some of the efforts-

Check out the video by Coin Bureau where he covering some of the most important developments in the past 6 months in the Avalanche ecosystem . He also analyses $AVAX price potential and lay out potential risks it could face.

We hope Community Updates will make AVAX Portal even more useful, so that you’re not worried about missing out on cool events and opportunities around you.

Thanks for being with us on this journey everyone — to AVALANCHE!

Thanks for reading! Join us on Telegram to participate in discussions on how we can make Avalanche a movement we can be proud of.

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