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The Capital City Avalanche

Nothree is an ancient state formed by the young genius Satoshi Nakamoto who sought to realize his lifelong dream of decentralization. His childhood passed in the powerful state of BlueTop, in which he knew all the unfairness and imperfection of the centralized world.

Democracy in its purest form is what Satoshi dreamed about, being on the verge of new achievements. It happened then, after many years of wandering and searching that he found the land on which he decided to establish a new independent, absolutely democratic state - Nothree.

However, things went wrong. Having proposed a working model of democracy, the so-called consensus, which is able to work without a third party he did not take into account one thing - the human essence. Instantly on a new land began to appear isolated areas, which turned into entire cities and megacities with their own currency. Nothree turned into a feudal -fragmented state in which every city tried to become as influential and powerful as possible. The largest cities: Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and others, waged constant internecine wars, the smaller ones were forced to either join large cities or disappear forever. Thus, on the Nothree’s territory were formed more than 2000 cities in a different proportion of independency that fought for one single goal - knock off pedestal the Satoshi’s coin and establish the dominance of their currency in the whole Nothree.

Everything that happened Satoshi watched with a big sadness, but unfortunately, he was too old and helpless to at least somehow help his country. The Nothree’s lands were far from the whole world and there were no threats of external invasion before. Nothree had neither protective walls nor sedimentary ditches. There were no troops that could defend the country. Only small armies of cities that are used to raids and robberies.

Once, in searching for new answers, Satoshi happened to be in the place he was born - the state of BlueTop. It was a very rich country, which longed for the capture of new lands. Once in the tavern, he heard a conversation between two officers about the upcoming campaign to the land of Nothree.

- Just imagine! It is rumored that they have no walls on their borders! Not even a fence.
- Is this some kind of trick?
- Nooo. Intelligence Corps says that the country is in distress; we can start the attack even now. But we have an order, we are waiting for the return of the main army, after which we will speak.

Returning to Nothree, Satoshi decided to go around all the major cities and inform the feudal lords of the imminent danger. First of all, he went to Ethereum to meet Silent Buterin - the head of one of the most prosperous cities of Nothree. After listening to Satoshi the head of the city thoughtfully examined the legendary old man who now was standing in front of him and asked for help. Deep in his mind, he realized that the old man was right and the threat was real, but he was so caught up in feuds with his neighbors that everything else fell by the wayside. Without giving a clear answer to his guest, Buterin closed the door behind him and fell into thoughts about another hard fork which would help surpass his enemies.

In other large cities, Satoshi sustained a defeat as well. Neither Ludoman Sun nor Cardinal Larimer took seriously the words of Satoshi who continued to travel from one city to another but in vain. Even small towns whose sovereigns have not seen beyond their noses did not take him seriously.

Almost exhausted Satoshi decided to stay for the night in a small town near the shelter of Monero. Once in the city, he was pleasantly surprised: despite growing dusk the city was calm and quiet. Most of all he was struck by the sense of freedom that was in the air. The streets were clean, the lawns were neatly kept, and the people around were open and cheerful. The music and happy voices sounded everywhere. That’s what Nothree was supposed to be. That is what it was at the very beginning…

“Avalanche, what a beautiful name this city has!” - Satoshi thought to himself.

The next morning, walking around he enjoyed the city. Worries seemed went away for a while. However, sitting on the grass his thoughts again turned back to the enemy’s attack and fear gripped him: What this city would be like when the invaders from BlueTop will arrive.

- Good Day, Mr. Satoshi - heard he the voice of a stranger.
- Good afternoon.
- What brought you to our city? - the stranger asked.

Seeing sincere interest into stranger’s eyes Satoshi shared his concerns with him. The next few hours they spent in having an interesting conversation of past, present, and future; they talk about decentralization and democracy and what this world should be like and how to achieve it. They had different views on some things, but in many ways, they had the same opinion.

- What’s your name, stranger? - suddenly asked Satoshi.
- Sorry, I did not introduce myself. I am the head of this city, call me Emin.

Emin invited Satoshi to stay at his residence. They spent the next few days talking and discussing. Later, they were joined by Emin’s friend and colleague, the Cofounder of Avalanche - Kevin.

- Do you know how to save Nothree? — Kevin asked one day.

- Alas, I am too old and no longer able to make important decisions. But I have a book.

He took out a huge tome in a thick cover full of various diagrams, drawings, and explanations for them.

- What is this book?

- This book is a centuries-old experience of all the cities established in Nothree. Here is a description of all protocols, consensus, experience of their work in each situation and much more.

Satoshi handed the book to Emin and said: “I know Avalanche is destined to defend Nothree. I have found peace in this city; I feel my end is near! Use this experience for Nothree’s good”.

A few days later Satoshi died.

Avalanche’s founders spent many days and nights thinking about saving Nothree. Every single day a Council was convened and the best minds of the city discussed all the details of the upcoming defense.

The concept was simple - unite the cities, draw them together and repel the attack. But how to do that? Each city strives for its individuality and consensus and large cities will never agree to be part of a common system.

After many hours of work, a plan to unite the cities of Nothree was developed, the operation was called “The Capital city Avalanche”.

The Avalanche should become the decentralized capital of Nothree — a platform where each city will be held together without losing its individuality!

But how to make the cities unite under the capital’s banners? The solution was very simple. There are no ideal cities, everyone has problems. It is necessary to give each city what it really needs.

The rescue plan contained detailed steps to unite the cities of Nothree.

The purposes and principles of the capital:

- Everyone can establish their own city using the unique tools and technologies of Avalanche.

- Everyone can use Avalanche to launch their applications which will be fully decentralized and scalable.

- Everyone can create their own complex digital assets (currency, tokens) in Avalanche, with their own unique rules and principles.

The main goal of Avalanche is to create a unifying platform for the creation, transfer, and trading of digital assets.

Guided by these principles, Avalanche can really satisfy every city’s requirements, does not matter big it or small, rich or poor.

The first letter with a proposal to unite under the banners of Avalanche was sent to Silent Buterin. Scalability is one of the main problems of his city.

The letter read as follows:

“By recognizing Avalanche as the capital, your city will be as scalable as possible ensuring smooth working, with low latencies and very high transactions per second.”

The next letter was sent to Cardinal Larimer, who from time to time had recurring problems with decentralization:

“By recognizing Avalanche as the capital, your city will be able to avoid divisions between classes of users with different interests. There is no distinction between miners, developers, and users. Your city will be effectively managed by the network with true decentralization.”

Many cities that have security problems were sent letters with similar content:

“Having recognized Avalanche as the capital, you no longer need to worry about your safety. The number of fraudulent nodes can reach up to 50%. The protocol can also work effectively with a large number of malicious participants without an adverse effect on safety.”

A consensus family called Snow is one of the centralized systems of the Avalanche’s founders was designed to ensure the decentralization, security, and scalability of all Nothree cities that will recognize Avalanche as the capital.

A special feature of this development is metastability. To choose amongst the conflicting transactions and prevent the double-spend, every node randomly selects a small subset of nodes and queries which of the conflicting transactions the queried nodes think is the valid one. If the querying node receives a supermajority response in favor of one transaction, then the node changes its own response to that transaction. Every node in the network repeats this procedure until the entire network comes to consensus on one of the conflicting transactions.

So that later, the capital did not turn into a centralized city that governs everything, the founders proposed an effective model for managing the capital. In this model, absolutely all cities and residents of these cities have their own voice and are able to influence the development of the whole country. Moreover, the weight of each voter is proportional to his contribution to the development of the capital.

These and many other things were described in a book called “ The capital city Avalanche.” A copy of the book was sent to all the cities of Nothree with a call for the unification for the sake of prosperity of the entire state.

A few days later, messengers from all over Nothree began to arrive at Avalanche over and over to formally accept the invitation and become part of a Unified State. The Tweets Square was dotted with reports of upcoming changes. Calls for unification under the banners of the capital city Avalanche sounded everywhere.

The defense leaders Emin and Kevin felt an ever-increasing tension of the upcoming battle. The army was growing every day, but still, it was nothing compared to the oncoming armies from BlueTop.

The central defense was entrusted to hold the combined forces of small and medium cities, because it was a majority of them and because the opponent’s most powerful blow was expected from this part. Silent Buterin volunteered to defend the right flank. He was the first to respond to the letter and has been helping to test the defense for several days. Unfortunately, the left flank remained the most vulnerable spot in the defense. Neither Ludoman Sun nor Cardinal Larimer responded to the capital’s call and remained in their cities, preparing their own defense. It was decided to move several troops from the center to the left flank in order to close this gap.

After much debate, Kevin, one of the best Nothree’s warriors was entrusted to lead the left flank defense.

A few days later when most cities absolutely recognized Avalanche as the capital the main network that unites and protects all cities was launched. This day the first armies of BlueTop appeared on the horizon.

Nothree was not prepared for this defense. The enemy’s armies outnumbered the defenders several times in both numbers and experience. However, the Nothree’s defenders had no choice.

By night, the detachments of Dow Jones and SP500 the great Bluetop’s commanders reached the walls of Avalanche and the Great Battle began!

For two days and two nights the Nothree warriors fought for their freedom, but there was no more strength to hold back the enemy. The left flank of the defense was destroyed and after a brief respite, the Blutop armies were ready to enter the city and put an end to Nothree.

Kevin ignoring his wounds continued to encourage the survived warriors and prepared to give the last battle.

On the morning of the third day, the invaders’ camp came into action — the last, decisive attack began! In the distance, the sounds of a horn were heard, but this horn did not belong to BlueTop. Bewildered, Nothree’s warriors exchanged glances preparing for the worst. Then, suddenly red-black geometric figures of irregular shapes flashed in the distance. Indeed, the flags of Tron and EOS. Sun’s and Larimer’s formidable army was moving toward Avalanche in a single movement. Emin met them at the gate.

- You were right, gentlemen - said Larimer. Your consensus and the idea of ​​ decentralized capital as a platform that unites Nothree is indeed the best solution for our state. We recognize the capital Avalanche!

- Glad you are with us! - Emin did not hide his delight.

- I never thought that I would die fighting alongside the EOS Man! - Sun added with a sly grin. I agree to recognize Avalanche as the capital. It’s fair!

Having reached a consensus, the armies lined up for a decisive battle! The left flank of the defense was reinforced by newly arrived troops.

The battle for the capital Avalanche the decentralized state of Nothree lasted more than a day. In the morning, the Bluetop’s commanders were forced to admit that they had suffered enormous losses and needed to retreat. The great generals Dow Jones and SP500 observed this land with sad disappointment. They were leaving!

- What will happen next?- said Buterin thoughtfully looking around the bloodstained battlefield.

Suddenly, Emin who stood on a hill and watched after the outgoing enemy troops turned around and said:

- My friends! Today we have come together to save our lands and protect our people. This proves that all cities can live in peace and harmony, come to a single consensus and remain individual at the same time. Now it is in our power, jointly managing the capital Avalanche, to lead our state to prosperity and power. I really don’t know what will happen next. But today we have a chance.

A chance for a safe, growing and decentralized state!



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