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DeFi Kingdoms to Expand to Avalanche with New Realm, Crystalvale

Cross-chain expansion brings leading Play-to-Earn MMORPG to Avalanche.

DeFi Kingdoms, the number one project on the Harmony Blockchain, is excited to announce their first cross-chain expansion to Avalanche with the launch of a new realm, DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale! This new realm will feature a new token, CRYSTAL, to complement the JEWEL ecosystem on DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale on Harmony.

DeFi Kingdoms is a Play to Earn MMORPG built upon a strong DeFi protocol. It features rare and unique NFTs with built-in utility, to create an immersive and beautiful online world in the incredibly nostalgic form of fantasy pixel art.

DeFi Kingdoms aims to make Decentralized Finance (DeFi) safe and accessible to newcomers. In the first step of the DeFi Kingdoms Universe expansion strategy, Crystalvale will make things even more accessible by bringing gameplay to the rapidly growing ecosystem of Avalanche.

With Avalanche’s low-fees and near-instant finality, citizens of the Crystalvale realm will have the snappy experience that is perfect for Gamefi, and that they’ve come to expect from traditional MMORPGs.


All of the core features of DeFi Kingdoms will be available natively in Crystalvale. Gameplay in DeFi Kingdoms is centered around Hero NFTs. Hero NFTs are playable characters that you can level up and earn CRYSTALs with! As your heroes are assigned to go on quests, they’ll earn XP, increase their stats, find and craft rare items, participate in PVE and PVP Tournaments, and more.

This is a play-to-earn model that is still in development with more features in the works, including customizable land and multiplayer combat.

DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale will feature a limited series of Gen0 Hero NFT’s that will introduce new genes and classes unique to Crystalvale, as well as unique quests, resources, buildings, NPCs, equipment, and pets.


Each realm of Defi Kingdoms will feature a power token that can be farmed in the Gardens, earned as rewards from quests, be unlocked via mining, and used to pay for in-game transactions including summoning, buying, selling, and renting new Hero NFT’s.

JEWEL is the native token of DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale on Harmony, and will play a pivotal role in acquiring CRYSTAL, the native token for Crystalvale.

The expansion strategy is set up to reward existing JEWEL holders with CRYSTAL airdrops, as well as unique items, lands, and more, once the new realm is opened up. Notably, the primary way to acquire CRYSTAL at launch will be via single-staking bridged JEWEL tokens in the Ice Gardens.

Existing players will enjoy newfound utility for their JEWEL tokens and Hero NFTs with the Crystalvale expansion, enabling them to bridge their assets and explore new lands, run new quests, and enjoy new gardening and mining opportunities.

New Avalanche players will be able to get in early and can begin collecting JEWELs now with new liquidity pools on Trader Joe and Pangolin.

➢ Earn CRYSTAL through single staking of JEWEL.

➢ DEX will have incentivized pools in the Ice Gardens that emit CRYSTAL as a reward.

➢ Rewards for staking will be split between unlocked and locked CRYSTAL with an initially high emission rate that declines each epoch.

➢ The percentage unlocked each week will increase by 2%, until the unlocked rate reaches 100%, at which point the locked CRYSTAL will begin unlocking linearly over the course of the next year.

➢ CRYSTAL is used for summons in the new realm Portal and for purchasing & hiring Heroes in the new realm Tavern, purchasing land, entering tournaments, and more.

➢ CRYSTAL can be staked in the Bank to earn a share of the in-game transactions.

New Artwork & Design

DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale will feature a new map with unique NPCs, made up of familiar elements specifically designed around the wintery theme of the Crystalvale.

Come join the fast growing DeFi Kingdoms community and explore the world by adventuring and building the kingdom through cross chain game play in the new realm of DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale.

Make sure you keep up to date on future DeFi Kingdoms announcements and events via the DFK social channels.

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