Introducing Avascan: An Independent Blockchain Explorer for Avalanche

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4 min readSep 1, 2020


Avascan is developed and maintained by an independent, distributed, and fully-committed international team awarded with an Avalanche-X grant.

Blockchains and the activity that occurs within them can be overwhelming for the average user–even if they are well-versed in decentralized systems. Blockchain explorers have existed for nearly as long the bitcoin blockchain has been in the world, although they have become far more sophisticated than just tools to check your transaction status.

In the last decade or so, builders have been optimizing the user experience and helping educate users about the activity occurring on blockchains. Not only has this been a positive development for broader understanding, but the growth of explorers has given users more freedom to choose the tools that best align with their preferred interface and reason for use.

Avalanche is no different. Earlier this year, we introduced the Avalanche Explorer to our community, but we also wanted an independent party to build an amazing tool that gave users a unique perspective and expand their options.

Today, we’re doing just that by introducing Avascan, a blockchain explorer that enables users to browse blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets, and smart contracts on Avalanche. The Avascan team is a recipient of an Avalanche-X grant, as well as engaged members of the Avalanche developer community.

Without further ado, we’re excited to show off the great work of the Avascan team and we encourage everyone to check it out.

Avascan: Speed and Security First

Avascan features a clean, sleek user interface to simplify the experience. Within the landing page, users are able to see all of the high-level statistics for Avalanche like the number of blockchains, average transactions per second, percentage staking rewards, and more.

As you dive deeper into the application, you will be able to get more granular information for transactions, assets, blockchains, and staking.

Avascan is built with five key features in mind:

  • Speed: According to PageSpeed Insights benchmarks, Avascan ranks an average score of 98.
  • Privacy: Avascan retains no personal data related to its users: zero cookies, no IP logging. Learn more about Avascan’s dedication to privacy here.
  • Open APIs: Avascan saves developers the hassle of retrieving and interacting with blockchain data, enabling them to keep building on their projects. Avascan APIs are under heavy development and new endpoints and docs will be released regularly in the coming weeks. You can interact with the APIs in the Avascan GraphQL Playground, learn more with the API documentation, or join the developers channel on Discord.
  • Scalability: Thanks to a unique, custom-developed Multi-Source Data Feed (MSDF), Avascan is ready to index any blockchain on the Avalanche platform, ready to integrate new Virtual Machine’s-specific indexers.
  • Community: Avascan is waiting for your feedback. Join the Telegram community if you need support or have feedback, follow on Twitter for updates, join Discord if you are a developer building on Avascan APIs.

Avalanche Helping Developers Build Without Limits

Since the launch of Avalanche-X a few months ago, we’re seeing more and more grant recipients nearing the final stretch of their project development. Avascan is just the latest of many leading projects that are transitioning from building to evangelizing their products to the world. We can’t wait for more of these projects to be introduced to the Avalanche community. With more tools and decentralized applications coming online every week, we’re thrilled to see Avalanche enabling developers to build without limits. To interact and collaborate with the vibrant developer-focused Avalanche community, please join us on Discord.

About Avascan

Avalanche is a network of blockchains: such a complex platform requires an easy way to browse it. Blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets, and smart contracts are all part of the same picture. The Avascan explorer is the answer: designed with speed, privacy, and scalability in mind to be a one-stop-shop, it allows users to browse, and developers to BUIDL on its APIs.

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