Sweden boasts a great deal of innovation within the international startup world.

At first glance, Japan and Sweden have little in common. However, the Swedish startup environment can actually be a great source of inspiration for Japanese startups.

Before we start with the learning points, here are a few facts about the Swedish startup ecosystem:

Along with the pandemic, educational businesses around the world have had to adapt to the circumstances.

The global lockdown situation has given an opportunity for Ed Tech to blossom. Naturally, there are certain trends within the industry that have been appearing. Let’s take a look.

Rise of E-Learning

The UNESCO estimated that the closures of language institutions have affected about 70% of the total student population worldwide. As a result, online learning has become a necessity.

YouTube especially is one of the platforms used by language learners. Video-based study is becoming especially trendy for them, as it is very beneficial for the enhancement of their learning motivation. …

Even if you are not producing eco-friendly retail or selling natural organic soap, you can still embrace sustainability. And it’s much easier than you think. In fact, it all comes down to three simple steps:

1. Pick SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that speak to you

Choose goals that you genuinely care about and that can be naturally aligned with your business model. For example, the “Zero Hunger” goal could work well at a food-related company. You can start with picking one goal, but we recommend choosing three or more.


Hope is an invisible thing, but all visible miracles are made of hope.

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