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David Li
David Li
Jul 1 · 4 min read

Little did I know at the time, but my personal history with Owl Cameras actually began over 10 years ago when I was still a college student at UC Berkeley. Between working part time jobs and pestering my parents, I had finally managed to muster enough to buy my first used car. Whether it was a result of me being a car guy for forever or the fact that this was the first vehicle I had ever bought, I loved the car and wanted to really take care of it, washing it on a weekly basis, paying up the big bucks (aka $50) to keep it garaged in my apartment building, etc. So, you can imagine the anger and frustration I felt when I returned from grocery shopping one day to discover that there was a large dent on the nose of the car… almost as if a big pickup truck had backed into me. After the initial shock (and maybe a few expletives), I spent the next two weeks scouring the internet and local security stores for a camera that could have recorded this incident. This was 10 years ago, however, and nothing existed.

Now admittedly, I was lucky. Even though my car was damaged, it was largely cosmetic and I ultimately wasn’t relying on it for my livelihood as a college student. This, however, is not the case for many other people in the U.S. and worldwide. For many, cars are their second biggest asset behind only their homes, and more importantly, cars are often tied directly to livelihood. The small bakery owner who has her delivery van broken into whilst parked not only has to spend money fixing the smashed windows, but also has to suffer from lost customers because she can no longer deliver her goods. The same story goes for the plumber whose truck is struck by a hit-and-run driver. In addition to the money and time spent repairing his vehicle, he also has to reschedule appointments and jobs. These are real issues that impact people every day. In fact, over 50% of households are impacted every year by crashes, dents, traffic stops, or break-ins.

Security for when it matters most

Stories like these were why CEO, Andy Hodge, and team created Owl Cameras. With an easy 6-minute install (I clocked myself at 5:20), the Owlcam is an intelligent security camera for your car. It not only records what’s happening on the inside and outside of the vehicle, but also leverages AI to detect and notify you whenever an event occurs.

Here’s Owlcam in 30 seconds:

Other amazing features of Owlcam include:

  • 911 Assist: In the unfortunate event of a car crash, the Owlcam can detect it and contact a live agent. If there is no answer, the agent calls your phone. If you are not able to answer or require assistance, emergency services are dispatched to your location.
  • Ok Presto: Owlcam enables easy sharing of the funny, strange, and incredible moments. With the simple words, “Ok Presto”, users can easily save short video clips that they can then manage and share.
  • LTE Enabled: Powered by 4G LTE, Owlcam saves users the hassle of managing memory or SD cards in a standard dash camera. Moreover, customers can also live view their car through the Owlcam app, anytime and anywhere.

Our investment and partnership

Here at Avanta Ventures, we invest in companies that are fundamentally redefining how consumers engage and interact with their vehicles and other mobility options. We also share Andy and Owlcam’s vision of protecting ourselves and our vehicles wherever we are, whether that’s on the road or parked at home. In fact, we believe through its AI-powered and connected camera, Owlcam is bringing an unparalleled degree of safety and security for not only its customers, but also entire geographies. While one Owlcam monitors the immediate vicinity surrounding a vehicle, a group of vehicles equipped with Owlcams creates a mesh security network that protects an entire parking lot or neighborhood.

We also see Owlcam being leveraged to drive efficiency in the insurance process and to create a source of truth for accidents, eliminating the “he-said-she-said” scenario that is all too common in accidents today. As such our parent company, CSAA Insurance Group, has recently announced a partnership with Owlcam to directly integrate accident video captured on the Owlcam and speed up the claims process.

Cal Hankins, CSAA Insurance Group’s Vice President of Claims, noted “CSAA Insurance Group is excited to partner with Owlcam to be able to offer an innovative new service that will provide value to AAA Members with a seamless customer experience in documenting and reporting a claim. Video is a powerful tool in the claims process, and we are proud to be able to integrate Owlcam’s technology to transform the way members manage their risks and deal with life’s uncertainties.”

Avanta Ventures is thrilled to be investors in Owl Cameras, and partners with Andy and team on this journey! My only personal regret is not having an Owlcam 10 years ago…

Avanta Ventures

As the venture capital arm of CSAA Insurance Group, Avanta Ventures empowers startups to bring fresh ideas forward in the areas of technology, insurance, and beyond, creating extraordinary value for AAA Members.

David Li

Written by

David Li

Early stage VC @ Avanta Ventures

Avanta Ventures

As the venture capital arm of CSAA Insurance Group, Avanta Ventures empowers startups to bring fresh ideas forward in the areas of technology, insurance, and beyond, creating extraordinary value for AAA Members.

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