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Avarta and Velas Bring Real-World Functionality To Online Trading

📣 Avarta is excited to announce a new partnership with Velas, a decentralized computer that has millions of executable projects, autonomous storage and smart contracts. As we expand our reach in the new Web 3.0 epoch, the partnership between Avarta and Velas makes it possible for users to securely access multiple blockchains, offering more flexibility and freedom to exchange crypto assets. Capable of executing more than 50,000 + transactions per second, Velas brings real-world functionality to online trading.

Co-founder and CEO of Velas, Farhad Shagulyamov said:

“With the Solana framework, Velas customers can transfer crypto assets in an instant, and with Avarta’s biometrics, whitelisting and Trust score and seamless interoperability, consumers can purchase goods online with confidence. We’re really excited about the future of the blockchain and our partnership with Avarta takes us one step closer to realising a secure DeFi ecosystem.”

Matthew Ainscow, Chief Executive Officer of Avarta commented:

“To develop a decentralized framework that translates into real-world capabilities, we need cross-chain compatibility and super-fast processing speeds. Velas enhances deeper interaction between businesses and customers by integrating Crypto Wallets across a multi-chain ecosystem and because they allow immediate withdrawals without delays, penalties or restrictive limits, Velas is more attractive than existing social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. With Avarta’s biometric authentication and the capacity to privately read transaction history, and Velas’ technology and staking capabilities, it’s possible to transfer crypto-assets instantly in a secure environment with trustless contracts.”

About Avarta

Avarta provides a decentralized multi-chain wallet equipped with biometric authentication technology and Trust Score system which provides military-grade security you can control from any mobile device. The Avarta platform promotes a permissionless DeFi environment in which users can seamlessly transfer crypto-assets across multiple blockchain platforms, lowering the risk of digital transactions and reducing transactions fees associated with the existing banking system.

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In the Metaverse where transactions on the blockchain are trustless and processed using technology, the missing link is the personal experience. With the Avarta Trust Score, a person can create an “avarta” to join communities, build reputations, and interact with other avatars.

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Avarta reimagines trust through an authentication layer for Defi and Web 3.0 applications.