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The solution to crypto’s most pressing challenges in 2021

Avarta reimagines Trust through the layers and creates a new paradigm.

In our previous article, we covered the 3 most pressing challenges of the crypto market spanning Security, Differentiation and Compliance. In this week's article, we will cover how Avarta is able to solve the problems through the layers.


Avarta has created a Multi-sig Private Keyless Biometrics Wallet with zero-knowledge SNARKs to protect every single transaction. The key highlights are as follows:

  • You no longer have to remember any private keys. You are the private key;
  • Provides the highest level of security through a unique patented blend of biometric authentication and sophisticated machine-learning tools that capture the mobile device behaviour without the need for passwords, pins, or security tokens;
  • Support the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs);
  • Keeps track of DeFi transactions in one place;
  • Supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Solana;


Avarta’s multichain wallet aggregator allows for Credit Scoring, giving users access to differentiated products such as lower collateralized loans. This credit scoring can help to identify and differentiate users based on multiple fields for the purposes of:

  • Better collateralization for users with better risk profiles;
  • Single point of whitelisting (with ability to share information across multiple DeFi projects across chains) for a set of wallets owned by a single user on the wallet aggregator;
  • Differentiated DeFi products for the different risk profiles of users;


Avarta Network with Antibot feature helps compliance with the regulations with the following functions:

  • Users can validate their identity with the Avarta Solution integrated with third-party validators;
  • DeFi applications can prevent access by malicious bots & “dirty money”, manage their own whitelisting and compliance framework with easy-to-configure SDKs;

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Avarta reimagines trust through an authentication layer for Defi and Web 3.0 applications.