Weekly Gaming News: New Games from G4AL & PlayStation Devs, Oasys Partner with ConsenSys, & New Report Shows Massive Growth in the Space

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Welcome back to Avarta’s weekly gaming news round-up.

This week has a lot of exciting news for the blockchain gaming space.

This edition will cover G4AL’s new free-to-play game, Catheon Gaming hiring Mark Aubrey as new CEO, Oasys’ partnership with ConsenSys, and a new triple-A Web3 game from Playstation veterans. Finally, we will cover the staggering numbers the space is building up, courtesy of a report from DappRadar x BGA.

This week’s blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more.

G4AL to Launch a New Play-to-Earn, Free-to-Play Game

G4AL will soon launch a new free-to-play game with excellent graphics and will have fascinating narratives to help players get immersed in the game world. The game will also incorporate play-to-earn elements so players can earn some capital while immersing themselves in the game.

The new game will differ significantly from the company’s previous game Elemental Raiders, though, like their past project, it will be a free-to-play turn-based PvP and PvE game. Transactions for the soon-to-be-launched game’s in-game assets will be built on G4AL’s private blockchain.

G4AL will be joining the already impressive world of free-to-play games, which make up the top three most-played games of all time.

Catheon Gaming Enlists Mark Aubrey as New CEO to Push Blockchain Gaming Forward

Major blockchain gaming and entertainment company Catheon Gaming has announced that they have appointed Mark Aubrey as the company’s new co-Chief Executive Officer.

Aubrey has over 19 years of experience in the entertainment and gaming industry. Most recently, Aubrey served as the Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific (“APAC”) at Activision Blizzard, one of the largest companies within the traditional game industry.

Aubrey will work alongside the founder and CEO of Catheon Gaming, William Wu, to set up a basis of support for the firm’s growth in the rapidly growing blockchain gaming industry.

Aubrey will begin his new position on July 11, 2022.

Oasys Partners with ConsenSys to Build a Better End-to-End Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Japanese/Singaporean blockchain protocol Oasys has recently announced a new strategic partnership with ConsenSys, a market-leading blockchain company. The new partnership looks to build a better, more streamlined network infrastructure for blockchain gaming.

On top of making blockchain gaming more accessible, the partnership will also have support from Yield Guild Games, a P2E gaming guild.

Through the partnership, ConsenSys will provide infrastructural support to help facilitate the growth of the Oasys network. Conversely, Oasys will encourage those gaming through its platforms to use MetaMask as their primary digital wallet solution.

The partnership will use MetaMask to bring together a new, streamlined take on a blockchain protocol and make it accessible to a community of 30 million MAUs. This will effectively extend its reach into the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Blockchain Games Recorded 1.15 Million Daily UAW Despite Recent Digital Asset Crash

According to a report by DappRadar x BGA, last month showed some staggering numbers for the space as blockchain games recorded a 1.15 million daily UAW in May.

Despite the recent digital asset crash, the blockchain gaming space only saw a 5% decrease from its numbers in April. Also, according to the report, blockchain games raised $1.4 billion in funding.

DappRadar’s leading blockchain game, Splinterlands, hosted 350,000 daily UAW, only a 4% drop from April.

Finally, blockchain games raised an astounding $1.4 billion in funding from venture capitalists. VC included in the fundraising were Andreessen Horowitz and Dapper Labs. DappRadar has also reported that 25% of capital raised in 2022 went to developing metaverse gaming projects.

The report had many other impressive numbers showing the immense growth of the space, so be sure to check it out!

The Last of Us & Days Gone Devs Announce New Web3 Triple-A Game — Ashfall

A new studio called Liithos was started by PlayStation CEO Michael Mumbauer and Vice President of Creative John Garvin. The new studio will be creating a “true Web3 triple-A title” called Ashfall.

Both Mumbauer and Garvin have extensive experience within the traditional game industry. Garvin was the creative director for Days Gone and Syphon Filter at Bend Studio, while Mumbauer worked with Sony for 13 years and helped develop The Last of Us.

Ashfall will incorporate blockchain-like technology for trading and will release for PC, consoles, and the blockchain-forward Hedera network.

That’s all for this edition of Avarta’s weekly gaming news update.



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