Weekly Gaming News: P12 Closes $8 Million Funding Round; Polium Announces Blockchain Console; BattleFly Joins TreasureDAO; & More

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3 min readJul 5, 2022


Welcome back to Avarta’s weekly gaming news round-up.

‍The past week has seen a lot of development in the blockchain gaming space despise the recent crashes in the digital asset space.

‍This edition will cover Project Twelve’s closing of an $8 Million funding round and launching a Genesis NFT Airdrop; Polium announces a new blockchain console; BattleFly joins TreasureDAO: Himo World announces its open beta; and finally, Galaxy Survivor launches.‍

This week’s blockchain gaming news update will cover all this and more.‍

Project Twelve Closes $8 Million Funding Round & Launches Genesis NFT Airdrop

Project Twelve (P12), a Web3 gaming platform and game creator ecosystem with a sustainable economy, reveals the Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop.‍

P12 also announced the close of $8 million in new funding for expanding its ecosystem with a sustainable game economy that makes game creation accessible. The funding rounds have come from numerous committed investors, including MetaApp, Project Galaxy, Primavera Ventures, CyberConnect, CCV, InfinityLeague, Smrti Lab, and others.‍

The Genesis Soul-Bound NFT is “the ultimate tribute to Developers & Gamers.” The Genesis Soul-Bound NFTs pay homage to Steam developers and gamers by capturing off-chain credentials. This will include games published and hours played.‍

Polium Announces the Polium One, a Web3 Blockchain Console

Polium One has just been announced, providing the blockchain gaming space with a console capable of 4K gaming with ray tracing, 120fps, and blockchain NFTs. The console will allow players to access games built on Solana, Polygon, Wax, and other blockchain systems.‍

Polium’s multi-chain gaming console was explicitly built for Web3 gaming. Users of the console will also be able to discover and play great games built on different blockchains without having to switch networks or use multiple wallets. The games will be easy to find and accessible thanks to the easy-to-use interface.‍

The console will also have a multi-chain wallet for trading, staking, swapping, and receiving tokens. Wallets on the console will also be able to communicate with multiple blockchains.

BattleFly Joins TreasureDAO to Make NFT Gaming More Affordable

BattleFly, the project bringing the competitive play-and-earn world to blockchain gaming, has joined the vibrant Treasure Gaming ecosystem.‍

BattleFly utilizes Treasure’s native token, $MAGIC which will expose the game to an interconnected player network. The company also provides inclusive alternatives within the blockchain gaming realm.

‍BattleFly will center on a player-versus-player gameplay model, allowing users to battle their unique BattleFlys — NFT creations that blend nature with next-generation robotics.‍

On top of the strategic gameplay and story of the BatteFly universe, additional minigames will also be available, providing an active experience for the BattleFly community to engage with and earn in-game rewards.‍

Himo World, an NFT-based Strategy Game, Announces its Open Beta

Himo World, an NFT-based strategy game developed by Kaofox Corp, has announced its open beta launch. Himo World’s open beta will go live in July 2022, allowing players to experience the most innovative iteration of the player-vs-player title to date.‍

The new free-to-play game will incorporate features that elevate GameFi into the most innovative gaming vertical in the world. The game is powered by BNB Chain, utilizing a create-to-earn and compete-to-earn model that rewards players for the time they play.‍

Himo World is a strategic match-3 game, combining roster-building elements to offer a wide range of unique heroes with limitless skill combinations.‍

Galaxy Survivor, a New 3D NFT Game, Ushes in the Next Generation of Blockchain Gaming

Renowned game developer Virtual Game Studio has introduced the highly anticipated NFT game, Galaxy Survivor.‍

Galaxy Survivor is a real-time strategy game that takes the competitive play-to-earn model, deep role-playing mechanics, and NFT gaming technology and throws them all together for something unique.‍

Through blockchain technology, Galaxy Survivor allows gamers to experience an immersive, satisfying, and competitive game while completing missions, joining battles, and receiving colossal and tradeable rewards.‍

That’s all for this edition of Avarta’s weekly gaming news update.



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