1.02 Patch Notes

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5 min readJan 26, 2023


1.02 Patch

Thank you to all the visitors who enjoy AVATARA.

We considered how to make AVATARA more enjoyable for visitors, and we prepared this patch. We will notify you of the exact update schedule as soon as we are ready.

In patch 1.0.2, server stabilization, various bug fixes, and balance updates will be implemented.

* Development has been completed, but the update may be delayed depending on the global market inspection situation.

We prepared a patch 1.0.2 preview for our curious visitors.
Shall we check it out together below?

▣ Fixed CDN infinite download issue in some languages

- Fixed an issue where CDN patches continued to be received by using decimal points in numbers in some languages as ‘.’

▣ Fixed an issue with Avatars purchased from the Trade Market

  • Modified to be able to register appearance.
  • Modified to apply to quests related to acquiring Avatars.
  • Modified to apply TARA daily acquisition amount.

▣ Improved status effect resistance formula

  • Status effect resistance formula has been modified to apply according to the difference in the sum of STR, DEX, INT, VIT, AGI, and WIS.

▣ PC version keyboard input

  • Improvements to enable keyboard input when tapping and holding the menu icon.
  • Improvements to enable keyboard input when pop-up window is shown.

▣ Changed 3 Myth Avatar options

  • Current : All stats +150
  • New: All stats +150

▣ Changed 3 Myth emblem options

  • Current : additional Tara acquisition 10
  • New : additional Tara acquisition 10

▣ Changed 3 Myth set options

  • Current : additional Tara acquisition 10
  • New : 7% movement speed increase

▣ New products added (9)

▣ Field / Field Dungeon Boss Respawn Time

▣ Field / Field Dungeon Boss EXP Gain Increase

  • Increased by 30%

▣ Field / Field Dungeon Boss Kill Box Stage 1 reward conditions changed

  • Minimum damage 1 -> Minimum damage 0.1%

▣ Changed the components of the Boss Remnants that can be obtained from field/field dungeon boss box.

  • Current : Dungeon Admission Ticket x3
  • New : Rune Essence Dust x6~10

▣ Level 50 Achievement Package Contents

  • Accessory box items have been changed to Accessories

▣ World / Awakened Raid Boss HP

  • World / Awakened Raid Boss HP has been lowered by 1/3

▣ World / Awakening Raid Level Box, Special Material Box Components Changed

  • World / Awakening Raid Level Box, Special Material Box components changed.

▣ Area Quest Rewards

  • Current : Common Equipment Enhancement Stone
  • New : Common Equipment Enhancement Stone(Bound)

▣ Weekly Quest Rewards

  • The Shining Enhancement Stone Box components that can be obtained upon completing 6 weekly quests have been changed from non-bind to bound.

▣ Monthly Quest Rewards

  • Changed from Epic Equipment Enhancement Stones that can be acquired upon completing 6 Monthly Quests to Epic Equipment Enhancement Stones (Bound)

▣ Phantom Kill Event

  • Event monster names : Harma’s Phantom, Arien’s Phantom, Eis’ Phantom
  • Duration : 1/30 Update onwards
  • 30 monsters appear on the hour every hour from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • If you defeat Harma’s Phantom, Arien’s Phantom, and Eis’ Phantom, you can obtain items according to the probability.

▣ Equipment slot recovery time change (when character dies)

  • Current : 1st — 20 minutes / 2nd — 30 minutes / 3rd — 40 minutes / 4th — 50 minutes / 5th — 60 minutes
  • New : 1 time — 30 minutes / 2 times — 1 hour / 3 times or more — 3 hours

▣ PC support, communication URL change

  • Support: Changed to Avatara Customer Center URL
  • Communication: Changed to Avatara Discord URL

▣ Mining item acquisition rate change for each web game avatar level

  • The probability of acquiring items for each avatar grade has been reduced by 30% compared to before.

▣ Web game SHOP — RUBY category and products added

▣ Bug-related

  • An issue where the Collection effect seemed to be applied to other servers has been resolved.
  • Modified so that you can purchase the ‘Nickname Change Ticket’ normally.
  • Resolved a problem where the descriptions of the AoE Skill Damage Increase and Single Skill Damage Increase options were displayed inaccurately among Legendary Weapon Combination Stones.
  • Avatar Trade Market being displayed as TARA Trade Market in Notifications/Settings has been corrected.
  • It has been modified so that the guild quest does not continue if you are expelled from the guild while being offline.
  • Some bosses have corrected the appearance of unrated rewards