Walking down memory lane

Meaningless like a fart during hurricane season.

ROK and Roll! (my adventures in the land of soju, kimchi, Taekwondo and Twice ❤)

I came to a realization yesterday, as I saw the name of an acquaintance who committed suicide last month, was still on my Instagram followers list.

No one will fucking remember me. I will eventually fade away like a fart during hurricane season. Think about it.

Let’s go with a family-oriented scenario and say you have kids and they survive this shit show called life, if you’re lucky enough to still be alive you may become a grandparent and be able to annoy your grandchildren with your old tales. But if you die before they come to this world, your kids will have to carry your memory and talk about you to their offspring, and what will you be remembered for? And for how long? Two generations, maybe three? But as it goes no one will give a fuck about that time you ate the ass of an American lady in the streets of Melbourne back in 2015. Most people see their parents through the prism of the parent/child relationship but don’t truly know them as a person. So, do you think they’ll care about their great great grandparents?

You’ll really have to accomplish amazing or terrible shit to get remembered further than the third generation of degenerate coming from your lineage. Even if you succeed to leave your mark in history books, historical figures are often caricatured and their stories over simplified, generally lacking the subtleties of the human condition. (Fuck, I don’t even know what I’m writing.)

I guess the best option in this family-oriented scenario to have some sort of legacy running, is to try to be the best parent you can be, giving the kids the necessary tools to go through life, and teach them fundamental values they could potentially pass on to the next generation.

Family or not, your memories, your life, all will go down the drain when you and the people you grow with during your life, die. Just a fart during hurricane season.

Maybe the Internet changed the game in some ways, knowing we post shit online all the time, but I honestly don’t think it will change much. I can see most people around me not really backing up and organizing their photos and files on hard drives. They simply put all their shit on the Cloud recklessly without thinking long term. And most of the shit they post on social media is made up. False narrative that will create false memories. And all this content is freaking owned by the social media companies you post on…

The first step toward some kind of immortality, and freedom, will come with the decentralized Web 3.0. Blockchain technology will give us total control over our personal data. Our memories could stay online forever but will still drown in the infinite flow of information circulating online.

I can see more change happening in the future, bringing humanity to another level of consciousness. Duplicate/scan our consciousness online to create some sort of AI, the possibility to switch bodies, enhance the human body capabilities with Genetic engineering and stop the aging process to live forever, and so on. These technological advances will open new doors and raise new questions as human beings unlimited potential will be unleashed.

Is it still you (the original), if you back up and transfer your consciousness to another body?

Will there be a point having children, if you can live forever?

So many people already waste their life by conforming to social standards and bending to peer pressure. What will be the meaning of life if you can live forever?

Will humanity challenge itself more knowing no one can’t die, or will we become complacent?

Damn, I hope to be part of that… I want to stay optimistic but let’s be honest, there’s a higher chance a bee stung my balls, than me being around to switch bodies like in the Altered Carbon novel.

It’s challenging to live a life without being consumed by fear, but there’s no other option to live a meaningful life. We think too much, we give a fuck too much, and we don’t act enough.



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