A good way to remember how insignificant we are. So chill the fuck out.


ROK and Roll! (my adventures in the land of soju, kimchi, Taekwondo and Twice ❤)

I had a weird confusing dream last night. I actually don’t remember much of it but there were lots of dead relatives in it, mostly people I disliked. Anyway, when I sat on the can this morning and looked at the Instagram story of one my buddy working out at the gym at 6 a.m. and asking us, his followers, to rate Monday on a poop scale from 0 to 100, it suddenly struck me.

I remembered not really enjoying Mondays in the past, and it took me years to change my mindset. I like Mondays now. There are no weeks or weekends. Life never stops. Except when you drop dead…

Not playing the motivational speaker here, but when I think of one of my close relatives who is now six feet under — he died at 20 yo and I was 21 at the time. I feel grateful to wake up to a brand new Monday, like any other day it’s a fresh start and I have the opportunity to make the best of it. I can fail. I can succeed. It doesn’t matter. The goal is to try my best.

Be grateful.



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