Quick self-reflection on 2020 while pooping at home.

ROK and Roll! (my adventures in the land of soju, kimchi, Taekwondo and Twice ❤)

I have a few minutes to kill as I’m pooping at home, yeah I always love to write when I take shit, which is good at least I’m proactive, but also often extend my stay a bit too long in the bathroom and maybe can also explain the quality of some of my post on social media… The end of the year is near, my birthday is one day away and I guess that’s enough for my brain to start reflecting on 2020. Everyone wishes 2021 is going to be a brighter year and a smooth transition to go back on track, especially with the arrival of the vaccine. But let’s be honest a minute, I don’t see the world going back to where it was. I am pro-mask, pro-vaccine, and pro social distancing up to a certain level, but I feel governments were able to test the reach of their leash during the pandemic and they are not going to let that go anytime soon. This crisis showed us how most governments were unprepared and incompetent, put lights on social and gender inequalities, but also how they could decide to control and impact our livelihood for the supposed greater good. If most Western countries had reacted in time, and prepared the population in advance, and not fucking lie about the effectiveness of face masks, we could have avoided lockdowns almost everywhere. South Korea found some balance, life is also impacted but our daily life is not put on a hold like elsewhere around the globe. Reactivity, effectiveness, and pragmatism. As we come closer to the end of 2020, I really have strong doubts on the power we gave to our governments. 1 million people will be living in poverty by the end of 2020 in France due to the effect of pandemic on the economy, and most of these people will never recover from that. I don’t think people should have been put in a situation where they could not provide for their family if they were willing to take the risk and work. I realized I was more libertarian than I was thinking but still reasonable tho. We could have found a better system for society to continue running while protecting the people in need. I know great things will come out of this crisis, like it did from past ones. Nonetheless, for me 2020 is the year where governments and institutions failed us globally on every fucking level. And look at the hypocrisy of the international community vis à vis of China, they should do more for Hong Kong, the Uyghurs, or the Wuhan’s whistleblowers who died, vanished, and the ones being indicted to have reported what was happening. They should be held as heroes not forgotten. The WHO is a disgrace, they totally dismissed the remarkable work Taiwan did to handle the pandemic to avoid any issues with China. So yes, I can see the silver lightning in this shit show, “stay positive”, sure we will be more ready for the next one. But no, some things will not go away, did humankind learn something on a level deep enough that we will behave in a more human way when we all interact with each other on a daily basis. Hell no. People will show their true face once again when shit hits the fan, going full racist, fighting for toilet paper because we all know it’s the most essential item to get during the apocalypse, being selfish and so on… 2020 could have been the year we all come together. We didn’t. 2020 is also the failure of humankind. I wish I’m wrong but I think from now on it’s gonna be trouble after trouble. Yeah, we finally jumped into the digital age, AI is here, transhumanism and immortality are around the corner. Hooray! But look at the temperatures and natural disasters we got this year around the globe, we live in a dying world.

Damn it sounds kind of pessimistic, interesting to see how a new text I could write on the same topic in a few days could eventually end on a way more positive note.



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