Sunday morning gibberish in bed part 2.

ROK and Roll! (my adventures in the land of soju, kimchi, Taekwondo and Twice ❤)

What does really matter, what truly brings joy to your life? Sounds like a difficult question but is it? If we follow the 80/20 Pareto principle, it means 20% of what you’re doing in your life brings 80% of happiness.

So what are those meaningful things, and why don’t you do that more often then?

Wandering around town, simply looking at people living their life while I’m sitting somewhere, hiking, traveling and discovering new places, cold shower, swimming in the ocean, working out, any outdoor and physical activities, chilling in a park, laying down in the grass, stare at the sky, mediation, enjoying a good nap, drinking a shitload of water, any creative endeavors, learning new shit and skills, spending time with close friends and having deep convos, helping others.

It’s pretty simple, nothing fancy here. All the rest is just noise and pollution for the soul I guess.

Funny, none of the things making me happy implies going out drinking, buying shit, fashion, looking cool, the need for validation, etc.

What I mean is… Fuck I don’t really want it to mean anything at all, I just think that sometimes people don’t need complicated questions to figure shit out. I’m a big proponent of minimalism. Not only when it comes to owning things, but in every aspect of my life.

The digital era is amazing, but there’s also some downsides. The perpetual noise and mind pollution. We tend to forget the small pleasures and the simplicity of life. I have this infinite love for storytelling and strong desire to document my journey to remember, but also learn from all these experiences and interactions and grow as a human being. But one lesson I learned from street photography is that sometimes, you have to let go, put the camera down, be present and simply enjoy a beautiful moment or feeling. Some of my most beautiful pictures are the ones I choose not to take.



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