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The museums of the future will exhibit art as NFTs in the metaverse

AVentures thesis series: Interview with Meta

About the connection with the Bitcoin market behaviour

There is a difference in price behaviour with respect to BTC compared to previous cycles. Four years ago, if BTC crashed, everything else went into a free fall, with Bitcoin having almost total market dominance. Today, although it is true that the price of BTC is still vital to the general behaviour of the market and carries everything with it both when it rises and falls, the dominance is not as strong as it used to be. We see how some projects have become disconnected at certain moments. We’re seeing this more and more with the rise of DeFi and GameFi, and more and more users relying on using stable coins, projects that bring value to the users and ecosystem tend to be less reliant on the broader market trend.

How newcomers discover and use DeFi protocols

Many of the newcomers appearing in the crypto world day after day do so because they have been attracted by the possibilities that NFTs give them to show and sell their art to the world. DeFi makes it possible for people with few resources to generate money with their artistic productions through NFTs, as most of the income goes directly to the artist. And the possibility of doing it from a mobile or tablet makes its popularity explode, so it is critical to give importance to how it is seen and used from portable devices and not only from a PC. Therefore, providing a good and simplified user interface (UX) that everyone can understand and use is crucial and where much work still needs to be done.

The different ways to see and use the NFTs

NFTs can be seen from different points of view. There are collections in which their value is their artistic quality, and there are others that are focused on collections, as is the case of “AVAX Coins”, where the collection is encouraged with a rarity system. It imitates real coin collection but mixed with the artistic point of view of the NFT and the possibilities that blockchain technology offers.

Moreover, the capabilities of the technology allow the use of NFTs in many other applications that have nothing to do with art or collecting but real applications in day-to-day activities. For example, NFTS can be used as an entrance ticket for an event or venue, or as a means of recognition to pick up a physical good such as a piece of clothing. The possibilities are endless.

The end of the struggling artists' era

Returning to the art sector, there is the cliché of the pauper artist who does what he can to survive and succeed in his profession. Turning their art into collections of NFTs can be an excellent way to achieve this, as anyone from anywhere in the world can have access, and valued art will be rewarded. You can start from scratch and achieve great success; you have to show your talent and have a bit of luck.

About Meta

Meta has been interested in and developing in technology his whole life. From hosting companies to flipping content sites to developing projects. He’s a full stack developer with a team of senior full-stack developers tasked with building and maintaining quality online projects. He is a member of AVentures DAO.

About AVentures

AVentures is an investment DAO composed of OG Avalanche community members on a mission to support the ecosystem. The team boasts multiple successful blockchain developers and project owners, content creators, advisors and domain experts that have come together to channel our expertise to support the Avalanche ecosystem.

AVentures DAO:

  • Provides advisory and marketing support to new Avalanche projects
  • Supports Avalanche projects by investing in seed/private rounds
  • Incubates new projects via mentoring
  • Publishes technical analysis on DeFi projects



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