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Why use a bio link app?

Ben Arledge
Dec 9, 2019 · 3 min read

Most social media marketers launch their campaigns to encourage engagement and send leads to a website or product page. If you find a social media brand and decide to find out more, you will start your search by using the link in the bio of that company.

A “bio” on social media is a place where organizations, influencers and people exchange important information. The bio may contain information on the nature of the company, what it sells and information about contacts. The “link in organic” is the user’s clickable URL to see the most important digital real estate.

The Social Media Link

It’s simple to incorporate links into your bio on most social media channels. LinkedIn lets you connect to the official page of your employer; Twitter gives you the option of tagging other handles in your biography. In your “About” tab, Facebook provides you with a way to mark accounts, companies and other users.

Instagram is the most complex when it comes to the bio link, and you’ll see this as the most common complaint. Links are not permitted in Instagram posts. While links to your subtitles can be posted, your URL’s won’t be clickable so copying or pasting content would be required by your customers or followers. Instead, single Instagram messages often direct users to the organic link.

Only one link and a few hashtags can be created in Instagram. Brands that have a business profile may also have “Directions”, “Call” and “Email” buttons, but they do not have the creative liberty they want through their organic connection. This means that it is especially important to choose your bio reference carefully for Instagram. Outlets with a number of content or items will use a tool that will allow users to select a site with multiple links from a single organic link.

Link in Bio

The bio of your social media accounts are an important area for your brand. Your link in bio, used correctly, contributes to your customers’ loyalty and commitment. The great news is that your link can change over time, promote seasonal offers or new products on all social channels, including Instagram. Promote a sale or upcoming discount, some of the ways you can use your link in bio.

  • Link to the launch of a product.
  • Send a person to a lead magnet or a landing page.
  • Make yourself a “about” page with more detail.
  • Link to your favorite brand.
  • Invite people to participate in a competition or a presentation.
  • Send people to a popular post on your blog.
  • Video or Podcast Guide.
  • Provide a free product preview.

With a platform such as Cabana, you can monitor the dedication your connections receive and see which products can profit most. The more you keep an up-to-date and optimized bio and track your bio performance, you will satisfy your audience and meet your goals in the social media space.

The app is designed for Insta users who want to have a more creative handling, and lets anyone create their Insta page in less than 5 minutes (free of charge).

You can select various looks, layouts and useful tools, such as performance views, scheduling, personalized fonts and the recently introduced YouTube card, from the Insta page builder.

With customizable features, it’s a one-stop shop that lets you not only have several links in your bio, but also multiple pages, pictures, videos and details of yourself and your activities. beats Instagram in its own game and makes your one-off link in organic form a full-sized website to which you can direct your Insta fans, without them even leaving the ’gram.

Don’t get us wrong–the incredible success, popularity and exponential growth of Instagram is definitely not in question. But the development of their link-in-bio failed somehow and somewhere along the line. Whether is the missing link or what the continuing development of Instagram is to bring to our attention we cannot be sure, but hey, we all use our opposing thumbs.

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