Flip Flopper With Little Honor

The British Broadcasting Company recently published their review of each House Representative. It was applauded by many for its accuracy of descriptions. Inconsistency was a major flaw seen in many Representatives, a flaw shared with HHPrinceGeorge.

BBC’s report about HHPrinceGeorge was acutely contradictory from the Mayor’s past which paints a photo of him as an avid supporter of the Democratic Party and supporting left candidates such as Calvin Romero (which he still does to this day). Mr.George is currently bidding for support for the GOP Presidential Nomination.

He is in the Republican Party as a City Council Member, in the Democratic Party as an Elected Official, a part of the Reformist National Committee. He has supported a Democratic Candidate (Ozzymen) after running as Vice President with Republican candidate Marinio.

As an ending note, I would like to point out that Prince recently stated that “there should be no such thing as ‘transgender’” — funny coming from his mouth because he’s the one with an identity crisis!

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