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Aves Lair Chatter Away #4

by Ginny Lee | June 10, 2021

Summer is here. The temperature got as high as 90 degrees yesterday in New York, and it’s time to turn your AC on. If you have not been thanking Willis Carrier, you should. He’s the guy who invented air conditioning. Thanks, Willis!

Who Let the Dog Out?

Image from The Motley Fool

Someone let the dog out. And it’s running like crazy in the stock market. Created as a satire, Dogecoin has now become one of major cryptocurrencies that takes many of its investors to roller coaster rides.

Before you invest in Dogecoin, read the article about how it was created and how it became big. The article should also give you some ideas about investing in Dogecoin. Always do your research before you make your move in investments!

We would also like to remind you that we at Aves Lair value the technology and the team on top of anything when it comes to investing in crypto projects. Got any questions or ideas about crypto projects? Feel free to reach out!

Blockchain 101

Image from Getty/ Forbes Advisor

If you read news about crypto, the word “blockchain” will come across. So what is blockchain? In short, it’s the database technology that records information and resists any intrusion into the data it collected, which are essential for cryptocurrency. However, it is expected to expand its usage to various other technology sectors.

Read more about how blockchain was made, how it works, and what is expected of the technology.

The Artists Markets

Image from Zeptagram/ Built In

So by now, we all know about NFTs and how much money is involved in the game. But how close do you feel to this new market? Have you sold or bought any? Because it’s not like farmers markets that you can randomly walk into, many might feel quite distanced from the market. So here are some websites where you can buy NFTs, or eye-shop to learn more about NFTs. Let’s catch up with new trends.

Next Up is … Telehealth

Image from Gabby Jones/ Bloomberg/ Institutional Investor

That futuristic concept of seeing your doctor on-screen at home is now the present we are living in. The pandemic caused digital health and wellness to become mainstream. And it’s expected to be the next big thing in the venture capital world as well. As the demand for telehealth increases, the investments are likely to shoot up as well.

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