My new Dell laptop had a pixel burn while in warranty: this is what they sent me

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I am going to document the steps along the way to expose any issues and help others with similar display problems:

Thank you for contacting Dell Basic Hardware Warranty Support.

We have read your email and understand that the issue is “Bright white spot on your screen”

In order for me to isolate the exact point of failure and provide you with the right resolution, I would request you to perform/confirm the below troubleshooting steps and revert with the relevant results. (Ignore if any of the troubleshooting steps were already performed and update the remaining steps)

To reduce power usage on your notebook, an OLED panel dynamically adjusts the screen luminance based on its On-Pixel Ratio (OPR).

(On-Pixel Ratio represents the ratio of white pixels to the entire image.)

Because the panel can dynamically adjust the luminance, it can make the bright pixels that are displayed more bright by using the saved power from the dark pixels.

(If the ratio of white pixels is larger, then the brightness is lower, if the ratio of white pixels is smaller, then the brightness will be higher.)

This phenomenon is called the loading effect.

(Loading effect increases the peak brightness of the OLED panel with higher contrast.)

To reduce the frequency of the luminance adjustments, we recommended you run your applications in full-screen mode, or to optimize the PowerPoint theme and content, to reduce the OPR significant change.

This is because the OLED panel tries to enter the PSR to save the power, and exit the PSR when it detects the displayed content changed, the repeat action would cause the display Issue.

Please Power Down the System, Press and Hold D + Power Button
> Does the Lines Appear here :
> Try Adjusting the Screen (move it back and Front) and Let us know

- Requesting that you please Share an Image of LCD at this Stage.

- Please Connect the Adapter and Check if the Lines are Increasing or Screen is Flickering :

- Perform the Diagnostics
> Power on the System at the Dell Logo, please Press F12 Key 3–4 times, You will get to see a List of Options.
> Select the Diagnostics Options, This will Run a Hardware Test, If you get any Errors (Please note down the Error Code and Validation Code/ Share an Image)

Kindly perform the below troubleshooting steps.

1. Right click on desktop and go to Intel Graphics Settings or launching from Start menu -> Intel Graphics Control Panel

2. Click Power tile on Intel Graphics Control Panel

3. Click Disable in Panel Self-Refresh on On Battery page and then click Apply
Remove the AC adapter from the system, click Disable in Panel Self-Refresh and then click Apply

4. Click Disable in Panel Self-Refresh on Plugged In page and then click Apply
Attach the AC adapter to the system, click Disable in Panel Self-Refresh and then click Apply

Also Kindly find the “LCD Built-in Self-Test (BIST)” by using below link for your reference.,inspect%20the%20screen%20for%20abnormalities.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Disconnect any devices that are connected to the computer.
  3. Connect the AC adapter (charger) to the computer.
  4. Ensure that the LCD screen is clean (no dust particles on the surface of the screen).
  5. Press and hold the D key and turn on the computer to enter LCD built-in self-test (BIST) mode. Continue to hold the D key, until you see color bars on the LCD screen.
  6. The screen displays multiple color bars and changes colors to black, white, red, green, and blue.
  7. Carefully inspect the screen for abnormalities.
  8. Press the Esc key to exit.

Connect an External Monitor and Check if the issue is persist on the external Monitor :

NOTE-Request you to provide the above troubleshooting steps and information as soon as possible. Your detailed inputs will help us to resolve the technical issue at the earliest. Providing incomplete/inaccurate information may result delay resolution.

Thank you so much for your understanding co-operation. Have a great day!

Dell Technical Support




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