Protecting your Android App against Reverse Engineering and Tampering

Avi Parshan
From Androids to AI
7 min readApr 2, 2020

Edit: updated in July 2022 with more options and information

I built a premium (paid) android app that has been cracked and modded. Therefore, I started researching ways to secure my code and make it more difficult to modify my app.

Before I continue, You cannot mitigate these issues or completely prevent people from breaking your app. All you can do is make it slightly more difficult to get in and understand your code.

I wrote this article because I felt that the only sources of information just said that it was nearly impossible to protect your app, just don’t leave secrets on the client device. That is partly true, but I wanted to compile sources that can actually assist independent developers like me. Lastly, when you search “android reverse engineer”, all the results are for cracking other peoples apps. There are almost no sources on how to protect your own apps.

So here are some useful blogs and libraries which has helped me make my code more tamper-resistant. Several sources that are less popular have been mentioned in the list below to help you!

This article is geared towards new android developers or ones who haven’t really dealt with reverse engineering and mods before.


This is built into android studio and serves several purposes. The first one is code obfuscation, basically turning your code into gibberish to make it difficult to understand. This can easily be beaten, but it is super simple to add to your app so I still recommend implementing it.

The second function is code shrinking, which is still relevant to this article. Basically, it removes unused resources and code. I wouldn’t rely on this, but it is included by default and worth implementing. The only way of actually checking if it changed anything is by reverse engineering your own APK.


A tool that isn’t free, but made by the same team of Proguard. I haven’t used it myself, so can’t recommend it.

It includes everything that Proguard has and adds more features. Some notable additions are String and Resource Encryption.

Avi Parshan
From Androids to AI