Starting with Caffe AI Framework

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I am interning at a startup in Tel Aviv, till I get drafted into the Israel Defense Force.

I will be using the Caffe Framework, Advanced Python, C++ and other technologies to add to my pre-existing stack with Java, Android Development, Web Design, etc…

Just the process of setting up environments, updating libraries and maintenance can take days. I encountered way too many errors with the compilation through cmake. It ranges from missing dependencies to forgotten lines in the documentation.

After I got past that, I put this short video up of the BVLC Reference AI and image recognition. Now, I’m working on a python server, and processing images over the web.

I would love to post more videos and write more blogs, but I have less free time, and don’t want to give any more internal details of the company’s inner workings without their approval.




Stories from a developer building android apps, working on AI, and other tech.

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Avi Parshan

Avi Parshan

Android Developer behind unitMeasure.

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