VSCode Tip: How to convert phone numbers to “tel:” links with one go!

Avi Parshan
From Androids to AI
2 min readAug 8, 2022


I built a site for a client who has several store branches. The way they provided the information was lacking, and I didn’t want to go through each branch to correct the information.

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

For the phone number example, the original table looks like this:

<tr class=”loc”>

<td>Branch Name</td>





And I want to change the phone number to look like this:

<td><a href=”tel:01–2345678>01–2345678</a></td>

In HTML, this allows the user to call a phone number by just clicking the link!

Turns out, with visual studio code, there is a regex find and replace command which is super helpful!

Hit Ctrl + F on windows -> Now click on the box with* icon

Now you can enter regex into the find field!

I used this regex code “((\d[\d\-.]*){9,})” to find all phone numbers on the page!

Then I wanted to do something more elaborate with those details.

In the replace section, you can use “macros” to modify the information regarding that specific entry.

In the replace field, I entered “<a href=”tel:$1">$1</a>

where $1 is the “macro” referencing the actual data captured by our regex code.

It should look like this:

Now, once you are done… you can either replace each one individually by clicking

or all at once with the button to the right of that. I advise you to replace one entry first, make sure it does the intended action… if not you can always undo the change with Ctrl + Z. But if it works, then you can replace all!