Open Source == Business is True Story

How we got more business than we could handle by doing Open Source

Ashish Singh
Feb 15, 2017 · 11 min read

Jan 2016 — Oct 2016 (Fintech times)

In Jan 2016 the team started working with a Fintech startup as their technology partners. Building this product was one of the most challenging projects we had picked in recent times. The team was expecting a good and challenging next 7 month.

Nov 2016 — Dec 2016 (Mission Angular days)

As soon as we delivered the initial version of Maxmywealth, the team working on it went on a 10 day vacation, the much-needed one after having spent 10 months working our ass off on the product. While working on this product, we were constantly hearing news about the latest avatar of angular (version greater than 1.x) and during this vacation, I sort of picked up Angular. Having nothing to do in the holidays, I spent some time playing around with it.

“To become the best in the world in Angular 2”

A big thing to say in the beginning, I knew that to be frank. I still remember a childish smile on my cofounder’s face Pankaj Rawat and I am sure Kartik Jagdale & Chandra Shekhar who are no less than co-founders would have thought the same. Is he really saying that? After all, who were we to say that, we’ve only been working for past 3 years in this field. We’ve known angular 1.x for a little more than 2 years. We’ve been working with rails for past 3 odd years.

Time to put knowledge to use, Projects for all 4 of us!!!

The team liked it. All of us decided to think of what we wanted to work on for next month(December). Listing below what all of us came up with as our personal projects.

  • A team of 4 developers(Let’s say decent developers) working day and night to master something. Those man hours count :)
  • Lastly, We didn’t compromise at all if there was even a slight room for improvement we just rewrote the damn thing. We were not being chased by clients for delivery so we had that luxury at our disposal.

Jan 2017 (Business incoming…)

New Year 2017 came with a lot of good news for us.

An email we got with a project proposal.

Feb 2017 — beyond (Full of Adventures & Business)

All this while, I was also writing blogs on Angular. One fine day, Pankaj Rawat suggested why can’t we produce some quality content on Angular. Having tried that in past in form of AngularCasts we knew a thing or two about it, not to mention some hundred followers on our youtube channel with not so good videos and shitty sound quality. We thought we could do so much better this time, with more knowledge and expertise. I liked it and so did everyone else.

How we launched Yatrum ?

Needless to say, out of all the projects that we did, Yatrum(Travel-app back then) is the most complex of all, Pankaj Rawat’s Pinterest clone was also special in a sense that we experimented with Phoenix framework for the backend which is built on top of Elixir language(sockets etc. in play). Putting our Exilir & Phoenix knowledge to use we power a MicroService in Yatrum. Microservices architecture has intrigued us for a long time. We have also used this pattern in almost all the projects that we have done which needed some immediate scaling. Microservices architecture has also given us freedom to use Golang(another language we are passionate about) while working with Ruby on Rails which is our forte. Main purpose of this service is to handle comments on trips, it’s called comments service for obvious reasons. Code for this service is open source like everything we do and can be found here.

Coming back to Yatrum’s story.

Yatrum is a social platform for travellers, where travellers can check out trips and experiences from their fellow travellers. We’ll be adding a whole lot of other things too it like travel guides, hotel suggestions, attractions etc. etc.

What are we going to do with it?

We think it’s something we want to invest some of our resources in. We have launched it in the wild, we are not looking for funding for this project yet. For time being, we can fund it ourselves. That does not mean we are not going to be any less serious about it. We are actively looking for enthusiasts to join our ambassador program. It’s going to have only 25 travellers in the Pilot program. If you are an avid traveller who loves to travel the world, this program is for you. Imagine getting your trips sponsored by us. If you are still interested you can join the program by filling this form here. We’ll start contacting people after carefully reviewing the applications.

Yatrum Travel Ambassador Program is for travellers who love to travel the world. Sponsored trip is just the tip of the Iceberg.

Apply for our ambassador program by filling this form

Why we open sourced Yatrum?

We at Aviabird have decided to keep the code for Yatrum open-source on Github here forever. We are very aggressively adding code to it so you might wanna bookmark it 👻.

Open sourcing builds trust amongst users.

Open sourcing also builds trust with users. Users are more likely to use an open source software for features when it comes to privacy. A recent study proves that Telegram users are more interested in money transfer in-app feature.

Courtesy of Businessofapps

Yatrum: A production application people can come to if they want to take inspiration and look at how things are done in angular world professionally.

We are also getting many requests related to problems in setting up the backend which is rails and phoenix apps working together to power the backend. We are working to put together a docker image to solve this problem. Once we are done with it getting started with Yatrum locally would be a single command away. $ docker run That’s all you’ll need.

How far have we come?

We started with this dream of becoming the best in the world in Angular.

What is open source for us now?

Personally, I never though open source contribution had this much potential to bring business. Now, I don’t think the same.


Aviabird Technologies provides enterprise software consulting in Angular, Rails, Elixir, Golang, React, Flutter and other technologies.

Thanks to Pankaj Rawat.

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Aviabird Technologies provides enterprise software consulting in Angular, Rails, Elixir, Golang, React, Flutter and other technologies.