The Most Beautiful thing in this World: LOVE

Photo by Liam Pozz on Unsplash

I know, I don’t generally write on non-tech topics but I wanted to try a different genre this time. I wanted to write about something beautiful, and no matter how many times I tried, the most beautiful thing that I believed was, was always “Love”.

So, what is Love?

Note that, everything that the popular society says, is “Love”, is not Love.

Love means 100% unconditional love. Love means not expecting anything in return. Love means complete trust in the other. Love means understanding that one needs space to grow and experiment, and giving them that space. Love means understanding that something can’t be yours forever, and being ready to embrace separation when the time comes.

Love is when you haven’t talked to your sibling for months but you know that whatever happens, they will be there for you, watching your back carefully, without you asking.

Love is giving the other the dagger to your heart and giving them the license to kill you if they feel like. Love is blind trust.

Love is the stupidity to stand against the whole world for the thing you believe in. Love is infinite courage.

Love is the capability of living as one other, and of being a part of something larger than yourself.

Love is the freedom to rejoice every moment of your life.

Love is understanding that this world is already perfect, everything that happens is in harmony with the world order, and that it will keep on going, with or without you.

Love is the dedication of doing all the good that you believe in, in spite of knowing that.

Love is the ability of feel the love that flows around you.

Love is the ladder to reach the platform where the gods stand.

Love is the only way to make sense of this universe, something, which is otherwise incomprehensible.