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I can write poems!

Originally Posted On: 01 July 2012

I always have been a hater of poems and anything Shakespearean. When I heard the next Write-Club meetup is all about poems, I considered skipping it. But I ended up at the meetup and braved myself for a boring session. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The session was all about poems; poems which are fun to write! We started out with a form of poetry called Acrostic poems

An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message.

We were each given a picture for which we have to assign a theme and construct an acrostic poem around it. I got an image of a sunset and this is what I could come up with (Warning: These are my first poems)

Theme from the image: THE FIERY SKY

The sun dropped down the horizon

Hesitant to leave behind his beloved sky

Enraged to be conquered by the silent moon

Freeze! ordered the sun

I am the king of the sky

Earth gave no heed and continued on

Raged, the sun lashed out

Yellow went the sky

Surrendered, the sun at last

Kneeling to the nature’s feet

Yellow then turned to black

The second part of the session was even more interesting. We were thrown into a difficult world of Shape poems. Poems which conform to a particular shape in structure and in meaning. For example, if the shape is a triangle then the writing should start in a negative mood and end in the positive.

The first poem is a single narrative. I hope the shape is apparent.

I laughed aloud, This is easy

I ran up the mountain

Had my first fall

It hurt bad



Fear to fail

Evil Cruel smile

On the mountain’s face

Dejected, I bowed to the mighty

The second poem is a two narrative. My poem is from the perspective of the good and the bad in the same person. Read each vertical half separately.

He I

Is in am in

trouble trouble

Find solution Find solution

As soon as possible As soon as possible

We both must survive, here and now

We are all but one I need him to feed

In symphony All I built in vain

We live If I die now

Forever in pain

Once ends

I never thought that I would one day write a poem. Hope you enjoyed these. Critics always welcome :D



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